Trilby Highlands and also Western Wood

Leave the town and go earlier to the cave where a business Scrub marketed you the Bottle. Stand on among the slabs to the left and also create a clone on the other slab. Together, push the huge block as much as possible. Leaving from the top, then go southeast of this area. Upon getting here in the western Wood, go on south, climate west and north, to the Wilds.

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Castor Wilds

Try to obtain past the Wilds and also Ezlo will inform you that you are doing not have something.

Hyrule Town

Go back to Hyrule Town and get in the shoemaker"s shop in the west district. While Rem is fall asleep, stand on the vase, shrink, then rise on his workdesk to the right. Speak to the Minish that tell girlfriend to pay a visit come the witch Syrup. Leave the city from the northeast.

Lon Lon Farm

Blow up the tiny rocks, then walk south. Gain in the pen the Lon Lon Ranch. Speak come Malon and also Talon, then walk to the top and shrink. Gain in the house, go back to her size and shatter the pots to uncover the Farm"s Key. Shrink again, gain out, go ago to her usual dimension outside, then talk to Talon to provide him his key back. Go ago in the house, walk to the room top top the right and get out. Go on north, go down the stairs and open the chest to uncover another huge Wallet. Acquire out the the pen native the right, then walk north, then west and also use the Cane that Pacci top top the hole. Jump into the tornado to the right, fly southern towards the greater grounds, then go to the next tornado and also fly southeast to overcome the pond. Go on to the south-east to gain into Lake Hylia"s area. And also go on southeast come get back into the forest.

Minish Woods

Go south, then go east and enter Syrup"s shop. Talk to the witch, climate lift the toadstool and also talk to her again. Buy the Wake-up Mushroom because that 60 rupees, then get out and leave the woods. Upon getting here at Lake Hylia, go directly to the left and also push the absent to develop a shortcut.

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Hyrule Town

Go earlier to the town, come the shoemaker. Speak to him to wake him up and also you will obtain the Pegasus Boots! Go earlier to Swiftblade to resume your training. This time girlfriend will discover the Dash Attack! leave the town from the south, go ago to the West Woods, climate to the Wilds.

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