TypeLegendaryHatch Cost432000Hatching Time2 days 10 hSell Price432000Category5Shop Price2500Breeding Time2 days 2 hGenerationIV

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Level 1-3
Level 4-6
Level 7-40


To breed a Crystal Dragon, you will need 2 pure hybrid dragons. To be able to get pure hybrid dragons, you will need to get a pure dragon once you get to level 38 and buy it from the shop for 15 mil. After that, breed them using the following to get pure hybrids:

Pure + Flame = Pure Flame

Pure + Terra = Pure Terra

Pure + Metal = Pure Metal

Pure + Nature = Pure Nature

Pure + Sea = Pure Sea

Pure + Ice = Pure Ice

Pure + Dark = Pure Dark

Pure + Electric = Pure Electric


After getting any two of the above, breed them together for a small chance to get either a Legendary, Crystal, Mirror, Wind, Droconos or Nirobi dragon. Good luck!


LvAtk SkillAttackTimeAtk TrainHp
4Head Butt7881 dayKarate Brick Break1013
4Legendary Wind5502 daysDeus Sword1125
8Paralyzing Spell6501 dayAurora Borealis2100
15Rainbow10502 daysLegend Spell2300

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