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You can not obtain a police uniform, although in the future in the game throughout goals you can acquire a doctor"s outfit and a dump truck male unicreate. As well as a robbery mask.

U deserve to obtain a pop-po"s unidevelop by going 2 the top of the most wanted list in the police car and than kind his name in and pursue him and contact the police they should arremainder him and you go that around 200 more times and the police will certainly ask you to join them and also then thats as soon as you obtain the uniform.

exactly how perform i get the name and i dont want to have to have/downfill LCPDFR simply to obtain a police unicreate. i desire to be able to get a cops unidevelop in simply a normal gta iv game -_-

I go via doing this contact on the police on all te delincuents and then the police will certainly ask you to sign up with the police

Basically you can not obtain a police unidevelop despite what all these various other answers are, however you deserve to obtain a robbery mask, a garbage truck unicreate and also a physicians unicreate. (Cheats don"t unlock obtaining uniforms)

Try looking on a differant web like on this one web I heard you gained to pick up a sheriff girl and take out on a date but you gained to drive slow-moving oh and also she is at the airport and also you hove to look nice

From what I have actually experienced is that it"s difficult to acquire a unidevelop so I simply wear a suit and perform undercover in the FIB Buffalo



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