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Jeep Liberty Power home window Problems – DIY Tips

February 22, 20099:34 amdennisb - Auto device SalesDIY, Jeep, power Windows


Jeep Liberty rear door panel.

A Jeep Liberty window is falling down into a door in ~ the alarming rate of one every minute! Kidding beside the Jeep Liberty go seem to have troubles with a weak architecture for the window regulator. Typically the motor have the right to be heard and also the window can be increased by hand and temporarily taped in the up position until a replacement part can it is in purchased. The good news is the it is a really basic job even for a do it yourself-er (DIY), check out the tips below.


1. An initial remove the tiny trim item in the inner door handle bezel. And then remove the Philips screw.



2. Remove the Philips screw situated in the door pull recess as pictured above.

3. Following pull the interior door panel far from the door. The is held by plastic clips, a trim tool or screwdriver may be offered to pry it off, being cautious not to damage the panel. Push the hand-operated door lock switch down through the feet in the door panel.


4. Un-clip the door latch rod on the backside of the door panel and also remove it. Following remove the door speaker and also take the moisture barrier off that the inside of the door. Take keep in mind of where the stick goes with the barrier. One steel clip will should be gotten rid of that stop the window to the regulator, hook it with a screwdriver or pick and pull to eliminate it. For sure the window in the UP place to permit removal that the damaged regulator.


5. Unplug the home window motor by sliding the red retainer, squeezing the connector and also pulling that from the motor. When the motor is unplugged, eliminate the 6 10mm bolts that host the home window motor and also regulator to the door. There will be one plastic retainer on the cable the secures the cable come the door to store it far from the window when that is in operation. After the cable is loose, the assembly can now be eliminated through the accessibility hole in the door.


If replacing v a factory assembly, the motor have to be already placed to the regulator. Turning back the procedure outlined. Once attaching the home window to the regulator the clip remains on the regulator and can it is in secured by placing the window and squeezing it together. It will pop on easily, now proceed through the re-assembly.

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