A beam of sunshine casts a zero of a flagpole top top the ground in ~ an angle of depression the 58 degrees. If the size of the shadow is 3m much shorter than the elevation of the flagpole, uncover the height of the flagpole.

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I"m confused about the provided problem over because ns can"t determine yet the length of the shadow, and likewise I"m grounding at the angle of depression, in i beg your pardon I claimed that it has to be the angle of elevation instead.

My solution:

$sinleft(58^circ ight)=fracxx-3$

enter image description here

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First, we draw a flagpole, $x$m long. Climate we attract a shadow that is $x-3$m long. Climate the sunlight ray i m sorry casts the shadow connects the optimal of the pole and TOP of the shadow. This means the angle created by the hypotenuse (the sunlight ray) and the zero is $58^o$. Currently we have $ an 58^o=fracxx-3$, offering us $x an 58^o-3 an 58^o=x$. We lug $x$ to one side, having $xleft( an 58^o-1 ight)=3 an 58^o$. $x=7.997...=8.00left(3sf ight)$.

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