I have a fantail goldfish that is totally blind, absent both that his eyes. I tried feeding the flakes, that couldn"t uncover them. I tried giving him sinking granules however it take it him 5 minute to find it as soon as it to be dropped an customs or two away indigenous him. Someone said hand feeding him yet i wouldn"t understand where to begin with that.

How would certainly i get him tame and also relax enough to eat the end of mine hand as soon as he can"t check out my hand approach? He"s only been blind probably a week, a frog in ~ the keep took his eyes out and that"s how i obtained him.

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fantails goldfish

5 year ago

Hand feeding deserve to be a problem, particularly when it pertains to hand-feeding, it constantly involves gaining your hand dirty (or wet in this case).

I constantly use this method to feed my Synodontis catfish brine shrimp and also bloodworms, understanding that the sinking food from above will never be enough, also when supplemented through sinking wafers:

The trick is to usage a pair the planting tongs, (or the big bent tweezers provided to grip aquatic plants). Usage the tweezer come grip part food and also submerge it to shot and acquire the fish to eat it.

Since the goldfish blind, it won"t yes, really be fear of the tongs close up door in, however it"ll be able to sense it with its lateral line, so perform it slowly, not abruptly.

Move in close enough for the fish to smell the food, and also it should. Swim closer and begin feeding. Or friend could shot directly relocating the food close to its mouth, again, doing it slowly.


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