Today , Downgrade your Playstation 3 fat or slim from 4.xx ofw or cfw to 3.55 without E3 Flasher Or any type of Other Hardware just With A normal USB speed Drive!

This is a device made by ROGERO that can downgrade any OFW ps3 come 3.55cfw, making use of a unique technique of opened a mp3 document on her ps3. You need to download the papers below and also do as the video explains.

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Instructions:1: Download the documents that friend need.2: Copy “lvl1.mp3” and also “lvl2diag.PSS” in a folder called LVLDIAG inside your USB flash Drive.”USB flash Drive/PS3/LVLDIAG”3: Copy the PS3 FIRMWARE that you have downloaded at “USB speed Drive/PS3/UPDATE”4. Disconnect indigenous the internet.5: placed the flash drive on the 2nd USB harbor of her PS3, go to music click screen all and play the lvl1.mp3 file.6: Wait around 10-15 mins for document to restore PS3 Bios to 3.55 and done !


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