The stylist platform of the IMVU helps you to cancel or delete imvu account as well if essential through the guided page. However, if you want to delete your account because of those urge promotional emails, then us recommend that you note them to be relocated to the spam folder or unsubscribe by clicking at the bottom of any received mail.

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But if girlfriend are one of those individuals who just want come delete your IMVU account as result of inactivity, then below is the step by action guided information on exactly how to release an IMVU account native the website.


How come Delete one IMVU Account on pc or Laptop

1. Walk to the IMVU account closing web page through the web browser of your selection and log in top top the website with the listed URL if you are not currently logged in in ~

2. Get in your email and also password to login into your account.


3. Top top the residence page, go to her profile. Then locate ‘Help Center’ and also click top top it.


4. As soon as on the page, go to a search engine and enter how to delete one account to go to the deletion page.

5. On the deletion page, click whereby the arrow is a allude to.


6. If you space unable to discover the deletion page, then click on the ‘Help’ option it directs you towards the deletion page at

7. On the deletion page, go into your password and click on the “Continue” switch to remove your account permanently..


8. You will know, your account has been deleted as soon as you watch those interlocutor words, ‘Your IMVU Account has actually Been effectively Deleted.’


9. You will receive an e-mail from IMVU, informing you to check your account deletion. Clicking on it will certainly rid girlfriend of your account for good and all.

Remember: The adhering to steps mentioned over will aid you delete her account however only top top confirmation.

After you get in a password on the deletion page, you will receive an email asking for her confirmation, even if it is you are sure the your selection or not.

Once you click on that link and also verify only then your account will be turned off permanently v all her data wiped far from your site, otherwise, that is disabled.

How to free Up space on Desktop

1. To free up space and uninstall the applications from the desktop computer go come the “Control Panel” ~ above your pc to uninstall the application, right-click top top the app to choose from “Add or remove Program” select remove if you won’t be using the applications in future and also delete it.


Delete an IMVU Account on App

IMVU walk not have actually the choice to disable the account through the app, unlike various other applications.

1. So open up IMVU application to log in to her account by entering your email and also password.


2. Walk to account webpage i beg your pardon will straight you come deletion process, where you have put her correct details such as avatar’s name, email and password.


3. Gotten in your password and confirmed her account deletion by clicking continue


4. Your account will be deleted and also you will certainly receive an e-mail authenticating her decision


Delete IMVU Account on Phone

Deleting your account from her phone is comparatively similar to exactly how would friend delete the app.

1. Open up IMVU website ~ above the web browser of your choice and log in.

2. When on the home page walk to setups in the top left corner and also click ~ above ‘Help center.’

3. Assist Center will direct you come the website page where you have the right to search how to delete account.

4. After creating in the search bar it will certainly take you to the deletion page.

5. Clicking on step one ‘click here’ will certainly take you to the account deletion process where you have to go into your password to delete her account.

6. ~ entering your password and also clicking on proceed your account will certainly be deleted.

How do I Delete one IMVU Profile through a call Call?

1. Login top top the main website that IMVU go to settings and then to ‘Help Center’.


2. You will certainly be given the contact of ‘Customer care Centre’ under contact Us.


3. Dial the offered number come be assisted by among the members of the customer care, who will be needing her details vital to nearby off her account. Once the offered information is verified the process of her account deletion is halfway done through the accept request being proceeded according to the user’s need.


How to recuperate the IMVU Account after Deleting It?

1. Deleting or disabling your account as soon as will be tough to recoup if exit for a while yet it deserve to if acted sooner and quickly.

2. Your IMUV account have the right to be recovered if girlfriend haven’t click the email noted for the confirmation of account deletion. If you have received the account deletion alert walk to the internet address detailed in the email to reactive the imvu account.

3. In case of the fail you will have actually to file a assistance ticket under the aid Centre.


4. Find for paper a ticket and also click on call us to paper for the case.


5. File for a instance by clicking submit a case.


6. Submit for the situation under the general Support classification where you will certainly pick the topic (1) record for case, instance (2) as basic support, object (3) disable account as the subject while placing in your avatar’s name and also email deal with in the description (4).


7. Her request will certainly be handle as shortly as the noted information is confirmed and also verified.

How come Disable IMVU Account?

1. If friend don’t want to use your account, you deserve to delete it as IMVU doesn’t administer you v the choice of temporary disability. Every you need to do is monitor the actions mentioned over to delete her account voluntarily.

2. Follow the delete account option, check it by placing in your email and also password come agree with the reason given to disable the account.

About IMVU

Founded by will Harvey, Matt Danzig, Eric Ries and Marcus Gosling in 2004, the publicly owned company backed by Allegis Cyber Capital, best Buy Capital, Menlo Ventures and Bridge range Partners is a virtual civilization comprising the 3D avatars enabling a surrealistic communication, and gaming experience.

The digital metaverse and also social networking website IMVU, stands for neither one acronym or initials, in particular, making it a meaningless ax that allows the individuals to develop content by customizing homepage because that selling products through the catalogue and also play VR based games while participating in neighborhood forums and meeting new people with the offered private and also public chat collection up.

The free sign up the age of 13 allows the user gain the provided features that the website while possibly making one earning by conducting a peer evaluation of the product which stand by because that the IMVU catalogue submission, through 10 prize promo credits every review. The credits top top IMVU is the currency that issues the patent to do purchases in ~ the website.

Final Through

This write-up covers from deleting your account to exactly how to deactivate it adhering to the guided actions through written and also visual direction.

If girlfriend still any confusion, then don't esitate to contact us.


1. Does imvu delete inactive accounts?

Yes, to clean the data-based and make those inactive accounts available for new users.

2. Why is mine imvu account disabled?

The account it s okay temporarily disabled because that 14 work in situation of unreasonable content. You deserve to log in ~ 14 work of fusing her email.

3. Deserve to I temporary disable my imvu account?

Unfortunately, you can’t temporarily disable your account as your account it s okay cleared by the IMVU team to do room for brand-new users. So, if you desire to eliminate your account climate delete it.

4. Exactly how do ns reactivate my imvu account?

After deleting your account, you would have received an e-mail alert stating the your account has actually been deleted that email has an address for you to reactivate her account. If the doesn’t work, climate visit the IMVU assist center to submit a assistance ticket that will certainly look right into the matter for you.

5. How to make a brand-new imvu if the existing one got deleted?

Go to the imvu page and also start by clicking on Get began for Free, the state your gender and also skin color to accessorize her avatar. Put in a brand-new name, email address, and also password after i beg your pardon you will certainly be asked to solve Fun Captcha that’s it you room done.

6. Just how to delete imvu account native your app account v email?

If your account has been deactivated because that a while and also you desire to reactivate the imvu account, then you should draft an email stating every the reasons as to why you desire to delete her account. After sending out the email to the imvu’s website you will receive a post showing every the details under the highlighted ‘receive your message.’

7. Exactly how to obtain imvu account back without email?

The registered email v imvu account it s okay to send a confirmation email in bespeak to help store data native the app or share any new feature and function. Yet if her account has been compromised and also the connected email does not work then inspect your email for a adjusted email alert in the inbox, junk and also spam folder. Click ‘I execute not desire to readjust my email address’ and it will restore your account. Friend will have to login again utilizing a brand-new password come secure your data

8. Exactly how to regain your imvu account if it gets hacked?

You will certainly receive an email asking even if it is you want to adjust your email address, click on it and also to reclaim your account and adjust the password come make solid with keywords and number.

9. Exactly how to record for a aid ticket if her account has actually deleted or banned?

If you have deleted her account you will receive the email for confirmation, if no then walk to the aid center under the heading of general support as the situation category then select Disabled Account from the general topics, and then placed it in her email deal with along with your date of bear to request to allow your account.

But if your account has been rely by the imvu team then check out the regards to Service and violation and also suspicion after ~ going with that visit aid center and also click on the general Support as the situation category and also select Disabled Account native the topics, it will tell you why your account to be disabled and also how can you recover it

10. Just how to login in instance you nothing remember your password after transforming the email?

Check your email if your email has actually been changed, girlfriend will get an alert click it, it will take you to the confirmation web page which will gain back your previous email and ask you to reset her password after recovering your name and also then log in in making use of the new password.

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In case you don’t remember her password, you can reset it by clicking on forgotten password and will direct you on how to reset it making use of the given email address.