While human being don’t typically wear pocket watches nowadays, these little timepieces still make wonderful heirlooms and also fashionable pendants for human being who love that Victorian aesthetic. Through their fancy casing and also intricate clockwork, it’s no wonder the many people are tho fascinated with the old-timey charm of this watches. However, your intricacy method that they call for a lot of care. Check out on to learn much more about different species of pocket watches and pocket watch repair.

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4 species of bag Watches

In comparison to a typical watch v a wristband, a pocket watch is a timepiece that was designed to be brought in a gentleman’s pocket on a chain, or dangling indigenous a necklace. There room four different variations of bag watches as noted below:


Different types of bag watches.


Open-face bag watch: This form of pocket watch has actually no cover because that the face, leaving the decision exposed. While it looks beautiful as a pendant, it’s an ext prone come crystal damage as it has no defense if dropped.Full hunter & half-hunter bag watch: This pocket watch has a cover over the face. A full-hunter pocket clock doesn’t expose any of the clock’s face, inquiry the user to open the clock in stimulate to see the time. A half-hunter retains the cover yet has a clean opening enabling you to examine the time.Double hunter pocket watch: This bag watch has a instance over the front and the back so the user have the right to view both the watch face and the clockwork. Digital bag watch: Digital pocket watches are much less complicated to keep than timeless mechanical bag watches. They show the time via a LCD watch screen instead of clock hands and also are frequently used by sportsmen who desire to save watches off your wrists.

Because of your design, they could not sustain the exact same amount of damages as a continual wristwatch, but they have the right to still break quickly if dropped native a high height. In the occasion that this occurs, or if they suffer any type of other form of damage, we’ve compiled a perform of typical repairs because that you below.

Common Pocket clock Repairs & Services

Stem & Crown: The stem and also crown ~ above a pocket watch is essential, particularly if you have a mechanically watch the occasionally requirements winding! This small stick and knob enables you to adjust the time and also keeps the clockwork moving. A watchmaker deserve to replace it, yet keep in mind the stems and also crowns differ from clock to watch. Expect this repair to take around 1-2 weeks together the watchmaker look at for components that will fit her model.Watch Battery: modern pocket watches regularly run top top batteries instead of relying on mechanically work. If her pocket watch stops working, a jeweler can quickly pop the end the old battery and also replace it v a new one.

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An Orrefors watch before and also after battery replacement.

Now she up-to-date ~ above different varieties of bag watches and pocket clock repair! whether it’s an neck half-hunter household heirloom or a modern hiker’s watch, you’re ready to get it fixed. If you have a pocket watch repair you’d like to get started on, comment below and we’ll get earlier to you.