Finding Suicune in “Pokemon Fire Red” have the right to be very difficult, and also can it seems to be ~ virtually difficult if friend aren’t sure where to look. “Pokemon Fire Red” is a remake of the initial “Pokemon Red” game, and features 3 “Legendary Dog” Pokemon, Suicune, Entei and Raikou. This Pokemon appear depending on i beg your pardon Pokemon you began the video game with. To capture Suicune, girlfriend will need to have started the game with Charmander. Suicune deserve to be situated in any type of grassy area throughout Kanto, yet is often found in route 2.

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Defeat the elite Four. The Elite four can be uncovered to the phibìc of win Road. Suicune won’t appear until girlfriend have beat the elite Four, therefore you should do this prior to searching for the legend Dog.

Get the nationwide Dex indigenous Professor Oak. Go to Pallet town to discover him. Professor Oak offered you the Pokedex you have, and he will provide you the nationwide Dex if girlfriend have recorded 60 Pokemon. The national Dex lists every 386 Pokemon, as opposed to simply the 151 indigenous the original games.

Buy roughly 25 Max Repels, at the very least 15 Ultra Balls or an excellent Balls and 15 Timer Balls. Suicune isn’t easy to capture, therefore ensuring you have actually a lot of an excellent Pokeballs offers you the best chance of recording the legend Dog. If you have actually a grasp Ball, it might make the procedure easier, if you’re ready to usage it.

Find a spot of grass with a building beside it. You can use the job of grass on route 2 near the enntrance gate to Viridian Forest, but any patch that grass in Kanto through a structure near it will be suitable. Every time girlfriend enter and leave a building, Suicune will have switched position. The idea is that eventually, Suicine will show up in the grass you space near.

Place a grass or electric Pokemon of just under level 50 in ~ the peak of your list. Grass and also electric Pokemon are many effective against Suicune, who is a water Pokemon. Putting a strong Pokemon at the optimal of the list means that the Max Repels will repel any kind of wild Pokemon of a reduced level than it. Suicune is level 50, so your Pokemon should be lower than that.

Use a Max Repel. This will keep low-level Pokemon away from you, making recording Suicune a much much less time-consuming process. Walk about the grass for around 20 steps, or simply cover every square the the patch. Go into the adjacent building and also walk straight out again.

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Walk approximately the job of grass again, using an additional Max Repel once the ahead one put on out. If you don’t find Suicune, enter and exit the building again. Repeat the process until you finish up in a fight through Suicune. Use your master Ball, or threaten Suicune sufficiently and use one Ultra round or good Ball to capture Suicune.