Write a routine to discover the number of address present in one n Kbytes of memory. Assume that n is always to the power of 2.

Sample input: 2

Sample output: 11

I don"t need particular coding help, yet I don"t understand the relation between deal with lines and memory.

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To refer in an extremely easy terms, without any kind of bus-multiplexing, the variety of bits compelled to address a storage is the number of lines (address or data) required to access that memory.

Quoting indigenous the Wikipedia article,

a mechanism with a 32-bit address bus can address 232 (4,294,967,296) memory locations.

for a an easy example, think about this, you have actually 3 resolve lines (A, B, C), for this reason the values which can be developed using 3 bits are

A B C0 0 00 0 10 1 00 1 11 0 01 0 11 1 01 1 1Total 8 values. So using ABC, girlfriend can accessibility any that those eight values, i.e., you have the right to reach any type of of those memory addresses.

So, TL;DR, the straightforward relationship is, v n variety of lines, we can represent 2n variety of addresses.

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An attend to line usually refers to a physical connection in between a CPU/chipset and memory. They specify which resolve to accessibility in the memory. For this reason the task is to find out how many bits are required to pass the entry number as an address.

In your example, the entry is 2 kilobytes = 2048 = 2^11, thus the prize 11. If your input is 64 kilobytes, the price is 16 (65536 = 2^16).

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