See pictures for instructions and make sure to use Dot3 fluid. These clutches self bleed all you need to do is pump the clutch pedal for about 15 minutes and all the air should be out make sure the fluid level stays full. Please let us know if you need anything else to get the problem fixed. To see if it is bled check to make sure no air bubbles come out of the reservoir when pumping the pedal. Thanks for using Com!


Clutch is acting like it has air in the hydraulic line and I am trying to figure out how to bleed the system. There is a braided stainless line that runs from the clutch master cylinder and through a 2-inch hole in the bellhousing to the slave cylinder. Just above this 2-inch hole is another 2-inch hole with a 4-inch-long hexagonal rod sticking out from the slave cylinder (I assume it's coming from the slave cylinder -- kinda hard to see inside). The end of this rod nearly reaches out to the "bell" of the bellhousing. Is this hexagonal rod the bleeder mechanism? The rod doesn't look real strong and I don't want to go twisting on things without knowing what they are.

That is the bleeder, they have to make them long like that due to the centrally located slave cylinder. Just be careful. Use a 1/4 drive ratchet and hold the head so you dont lean on it, just twist.

I have the truck listed above 1t00 w/t with a 4.3l and nv3500 transmission. I rebuilt the transmission and when I did I replaced the clutch the slave cylinder and master cylinder. The slave and master cylinders did not come with the hydraulic lines. So now that its together I can't get the clutch to bleed out due to the quick disconnect not sealing. And can't find the line or any sort of repair for the quick disconnect. Any ideas?
Good morning, What failed when you were removing it? What section of the line and the location?I attached a picture for you to view. Tell me the place it has failed.Roy
Basically I need to know how to bleed the new clutch master cylinder. Replaced it and the clutch pedal just flops around. I didn't see a bleeder screw anywhere under the truck, did I just miss it?
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