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i purchase the stupid ass device from 3sx and also broke it, for this reason i"ll one of two people get one more one or ghetto-rig something. However the real difficulty is i have no idea just how the hell to use it. i asked one of the dudes at 3sx if that came with instructions and he responded with something along the currently of "its easy once you see it because that yourself." ns guess ns either stupid or tired. Ive been discovering the 60k maintenance instructions in ~ team3s website, however i tho dont understand what im doing. Ns did a search and read the IPO provides a prybar somehow. Wtf? who please explain what the hell im claimed to do prior to i punch the car up and also kill myself out of frustration. Dumb your instructions under as much as feasible if need be, ns almost fully at a lose here.

Mods: 3g lifters (WOOT), S-AFC I, k&n open facet filter, exhaust (glasspack and also cat-delete), a/c-delete, weight reduction, throttle body coolant bypass -----------------------------------180k maintain done

2004 Evo VIII
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How the hell did you break it?All you doing through it is rotating the pulley versus the timing belt. Your only going come be placing a few pounds of push on the take care of of the 1/4" wrench or breaker bar the tool attaches to.When ns did my "91, you start out v the two pins in the tensioner pulley-block to the left the the locking bolt. Rotate the pulley using the tool until the 2 pins room on peak of the locking bolt. Because they"re balance out it causes the pulley-block to move right into the time belt taking up the slack and also applying pressure to the timing belt, the tensioner arm, and also the auto tensioner pin. As soon as the correct press is applied, the retaining pen in the autotensioner pen will become loose. That"s as soon as you tighten under the tensioner sheave lock bolt.Before you traction the retaining pin, you turn the engine over by hand, check the timing marks come make certain you got them right and also to make certain that the tension is correct. The retaining pin need to remain loose in the autotensioner because that at least 15 mins.If that doesn"t you get to readjust the sheave and shot again.Once you can turn the engine end a couple of time and also the pins stays loosened you can pull that out and finish up the job.Steve