Do any kind of of you recognize the proper type for addressing envelopes because that invitations to Italy. Ns remember the years ago, my parents offered to receive greeting cards from family members in Italy addressed to "Gentilissimi Coniugi Ilardi Antonino". Mine married cousins all usage their maiden names. So would certainly the proper form be "Gentilissima Signora Caterina Agueci", adhered to on the next line through "Egregio Signor Giacomo Trapani"? must I placed the critical name very first as ours relatives used to do when adressing a couple? Thanking girlfriend in advancement for any assist from who up ~ above Italian etiquette.

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Format Examples

A straightforward street attend to



00144 ROMA RM district code is two letters.


(Old UPU documentation has a different, outmoded form of this address.)

Street resolve with slash / used to separate key house/building number indigenous "exponent" number



00184 ROMA RM


Address through PO crate ("Casella Postale" in Italian)


UFFICIO ROMA TRULLO <"UFFICIO" + post office place name possibly including a number> This is the name of the write-up office where package is.

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CASELLA POSTALE 1234 <"POST OFFICE BOX" + crate number>

00149 ROMA RM


Address with "Attention:" some human being


C.A. FELIX GATTO <"Attn:" Felix Gatto (a person"s name)>

UFFICIO ROMA TRULLO <"UFFICIO" + article office location name possibly including a number> This is the name of the article office where package is.


00149 ROMA RM


Street resolve with a "kilometric public number". Kilometric numbers may be written v commas for readability.


VIA CARDANO km 1,234

20042 OMATE MI



Format Information

How to write Italian addresses

Based on miscellaneous sources of info from Poste Italiane (the Italian postal service), but for clarity we"ve reorganized, edited, and written some new explanations.

The general rule is, the resolve must contain 3 to five lines, plus an extra line at the bottom for the nation name.

Street attend to Format

deal with Line / element Must every Addresses encompass This?

1. Recipient / Addressee correct

2. Extr information around the recipient

(e.g. Details person within an organization) N

3. Added information about the building or place (which floor, suite/apartment number, etc.; in some unexplained cases, ar or village) N

4. Street surname + residence Number


5. Postal password (like a U.S. Zip code) + Locality (city/town/village) + district Abbreviation (two letters) yes

6. Nation Name YES for FOREIGN nations (*)

(*) with the exemption of san Marino and the Vatican City-State

Post Office crate ("CASELLA POSTALE") attend to Format

deal with Line / aspect Must every Addresses encompass This?

1. Recipient / Addressee correctly

2. Added information about the receiver

(e.g. Specific person in ~ a recipient organization) N

3. Certain post office where package is located

("UFFICIO" + short article office surname possibly including a number) correctly (to protect against processing delays and potential confusion)

4. "CASELLA POSTALE" (Italian for "PO BOX") + crate Number correctly

5. Postal password (like a U.S. Zip code) + Locality (city/town/village) + district Abbreviation (two letters) yes

6. Country Name YES for FOREIGN countries (*)

(*) v the exception of mountain Marino and the Vatican City-State

Rules for ideal addressing and deal with format

Write rows in the exactly order, as offered in the table above.

Always write all compelled rows.

Print (not cursive) and also use ALL capital LETTERS.

Usually it"s best to avoid punctuation and also other unique characters.

In some instances slash "/", commas, periods, apostrophes, and also accent marks are acceptable.

Don"t underline!

House/building number come after the street name, never before.

The postal password ("Codice di Avviamento Postale" = CAP, like a united state zip code) should be provided on every kind of mail.

Use exactly & regular postal code, city, and district abbreviation.

Use your certain address"s postal code, no a generic postal code for a big city/area. Otherwise your mail can be delayed.

An older, outmoded resolve style included a dash between your postal code and also locality (city/town/village) and parentheses roughly the district abbreviation. Mail through these will probably be delivered anyway.

Address Composition standards (2007 PDF released by article Italia, the Italian postal service)

Find Postcodes / Postal Codes

Italian post Code search (in Italian, but not hard to figure out)

An Italian postcode is additionally called a "CAP" or a "Codice di Avviamento Postale".