Too much too fast: it's the story of every solitary episode the VH1's Behind the Music series and every predictable artist's biopic that has ever graced a screen. For Roc royal aka Santo august — it just happened a little an ext quickly 보다 most.

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Remember Mindless Behavior? They were an R&B boy band who had actually tracks choose "Mrs. Right" and also "My Girl." one of the group's members, Roc Royal, chose to depart and also go the end on his own. Fans of the singer desire to know: why is that in jail?

Roc was arrested for robbery and battery and was sentenced to 2 years in prison. Countless of his pan feared for his security in prison, as per this Lipstick Alley forum post: "Hopefully the learns his lesson. He's also cute to be in prison anyways, and he's only 5'5 yall," intimating that he'd it is in in severe trouble versus larger inmates when incarcerated.


Rumor likewise had it that Mindless Behavior's monitoring didn't precisely have the best interests of your talent in mind, yet again, this originates from a comment in a post regarding the group: "but what I have heard is that after MB to be done they had actually virtually no money. Every the tours, singles sold, album and also pretty much had nothing to show for it."

It's claimed that Roc royal was "fired" from the team in December that 2014 for "beating up a drug addict over money...and accusations of that stealing a producer's car." 

While the group's lead singer, Prodigy, was the an initial to leaving the quartet to pursue a solo career supposedly for gift "bullied" and also "mistreated" by various other members, Roc's foray into the music company on his own was the many successful of all the members that Mindless Behavior.

His track, "Amazing," currently has over 513,000 see on YouTube, and, in terms of production quality and overall sound, trumps tracks choose Prodigy's, "Valentine" according to fans of the original outfit. Friend can examine out the 2 videos below and compare.

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Although he was eligible for release in feather of 2017 pending great behavior, the musician is tho in prison, and followers are constantly commenting top top his Instagram articles (apparently he's afforded the privilege when locked up) asking when he is going to be released. 

Several that his Instagram articles are also specialized to his son, Royal, whom he had actually with girl friend Desiree Twyman. They additionally welcomed an additional son, Bronx, in 2018. Roc is still proactively posting on society media, however there's no indication regarding when he's getting out. 

While number of Mindless actions fans have actually expressed their assistance for Roc, rather don't feel the exact same way: "Smh , he's nothing an ext then a goodbye rat. Just how do you walk from a rather successful singing team to this. I can't believe Desiree is pregnant again , she should have actually learned her lesson the first time. I still can't think she was 18 messing v a 16/15 yr old and also got pregnant," one mrs wrote concerning the singer.

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