Wondering exactly how to deep fry a turkey? probably you're mildly obsessed v Southern food preparation or have actually a weakness for culinary gadgets. Or, possibly the natural excitement of food preparation a totality turkey in numerous gallons of hot oil in your very own backyard is simply too lot to resist. No issue the reason, we're fully on board through the deep-fried-turkey craze and here's why: Not just does deep frying develop a juicy, flavorful bird, yet the whole procedure takes less than 2 hours


That method no overnight brining or obsessively checking your oven. And around that oven: deep-frying allows you to totally free it increase for all those sides you must churn out.

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Deep-frying a turkey go require specific tools and you will need to follow a few safety precautions. Yet with our tools checklist and also step-by-step instructions, you have every little thing you need. So go ahead and also fill the oven with sweet potatoes, environment-friendly beans, and also pecan pie, climate head outdoors because that this quick and also easy, guaranteed-to-please means to cook a bird.

What You'll Need

To deep-fry a turkey, you'll need a turkey-frying kit, which can be uncovered at hardware and also home-improvement stores, some big-box sleeve stores, as well as online. Make certain your kit is that sturdy construction and also includes the complying with items:

30-quart or bigger aluminum potPropane burner with a hose that connects come a propane gas tank and a gauge because that regulating the flamePoultry rack through a hook because that lowering and also raising the turkey in the pot12-inch deep-fry thermometer the clips come the side of the pot to screen the oil temperature

Most turkey-frying kits are for use v propane gas, though there space a limited number of organic gas and also electric models. In enhancement to the kit and also a full tank that propane gas, you'll additionally need:

4 to 5 gallons of food preparation oil


How come Deep fried food a Turkey in 6 Steps

Step 1. Measure the Oil Level

To determine just how much oil is needed, location the turkey in the fryer pot and fill the pot with water until the turkey is completely submerged v water rising around 2 inches previous the bird. Eliminate the turkey native the pot, pat it dry with file towels, and set it aside in ~ room temperature. Mark the water level ~ above the within or exterior of the pot with a waterproof marker so friend know just how much oil to placed in the pot, then discard the water, and also wash and also dry the pot thoroughly.

Step 2. Collection Up the Turkey Fryer and also Heat the Oil

For security reasons, constantly deep-fry turkey outside. Kinds the burner on a flat surface far away from the house, garage, totter set, backyard patio, or any type of other flammability structure, and also make sure kids keep a safe distance from the fryer at every times.

Place the pot on the burner and clip the deep-fry thermometer come the side of the pot. To fill the pot with peanut or canola oil approximately the mark you made earlier—you'll require 4 come 5 gallons to fry a 12- to 14-pound turkey in a 30-quart pot. Turn the burner on, change the heat to middle high, and heat the oil till the thermometer it is registered 375°F. Beginning with the slightly elevated temperature that 375°F enables you to summary shut off the flame while the turkey is lowered into the oil.

Step 3. Prep her Turkey

While the oil is heating, make your herb or summer sprouts rub and also spread it under the skin. Beginning at the neck end of the bird, slowly and also carefully slide your fingers in between the skin and also meat that the breasts, thighs, and drumsticks. Once you've loosened the skin, spread the obstacle over the meat the the breasts, thighs, and also drumsticks. Next, spread the obstacle inside the turkey cavity and on optimal of the skin. Come ensure an excellent oil flow, make sure the neck cavity is wide open and also cut a tiny slit through the skin wherein the leg meets the breast.


Keep in mind the deep-fried turkeys can not be stuffed. Instead, bake her stuffing in a casserole dish in the oven.

Step 4. Progressively Lower the Turkey into the Oil

Place the turkey top top the poultry rack, through the breast facing down and also the legs encountering up. When the oil get 375°F, turn off the burner. Attract an apron and long heavy-duty range mitts, usage the hook the attaches come the poultry rack to slowly lower the turkey right into the oil making use of a stop-and-go method: reduced the turkey 1 to 2 inches into the oil climate pull it back out a bit, repeating until the bird is fully submerged. This gradual method keeps the oil indigenous bubbling up too much and also overflowing.

Once the turkey is completely submerged, revolve the burner ago on and also return the oil to 350°F. Transparent frying, readjust the heat as important to preserve the 350°F oil temperature.

Step 5. Fry until the Turkey will 165°F

Fry the turkey till an instant-read thermometer placed into the fleshy part of the thighs and the thickest part of the breasts (test both sides, near to however not emotional the bone) it is registered at least 165°F. A deep-fried turkey typically requires 3 1/2 minutes per pound, for this reason a 12- come 14-pound bird will certainly take 40 come 50 minutes to reach 165°F. Once checking the bird's internal temperature, usage the hook the attaches to the poultry rack to slowly lift the turkey indigenous the oil. If the turkey has not reached 165°F, usage the stop-and-go an approach to slowly lower it earlier into the oil to proceed cooking.

Step 6. Permit the Bird Rest prior to Carving

Once the turkey reaches 165°F, use the hook the attaches come the poultry rack to slowly and carefully eliminate the turkey native the oil (make certain you wear an apron and also long heavy-duty stove mitts while doing so). Transport the turkey to a cut board, cover v foil, and also let it rest 20 come 30 minutes prior to carving and also serving.

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