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Wendy Williams.Larry French/Getty photos for Thurgood Marshall College fund

Wendy Williams is certainly one the the household names in the television and also entertainment industry in the U.S. Born ~ above July 18, 1964, in Asbury Park, new Jersey, Williams is widely known for she syndicated talk present “The Wendy Williams Show.”

It all started for the brand-new York native in the entertainment industry when she i graduated from Northeastern University through a degree in communications and also a boy in journalism. During her studies, she worked for St. Croix’s WVIS radio terminal in the Virgin Islands.

At the time, the commemorated talk display host detailed that she earned only $3.75/hour. However, according to Williams, the gig aided launched her career in the media.

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“TBT to the year I i graduated from Northeastern college in Boston,” she posted on Instagram. “I hightailed it come the USVI wherein I had actually my first radio job. Ns made $3.75/hour and also loved every 2nd of it. Ns was on mine own and also lived in a little apartment.

She added: “It was an impressive experience and also really helped launch mine career. To all those who graduated this year, congratulations. And also remember what Aunt Wendy claims – emphasis on yourself and also your career.”

Today, Williams has actually an collected net precious of $40 million, follow to Celebrity net Worth. She salary because that The Wendy Williams show is $10 million every year, the outlet reports, adding that in a year she films over 180 illustration which translates into a value of $55,000 per episode.

Williams landing her very first professional radio job at WVIS in the Virgin Islands. After a year, she relocated to brand-new York City to work as a substitute DJ in ~ WRKS. She later on moved to an afternoon drive-time shift, at some point winning the Billboard Award because that “Best On-Air Radio Personality” in 1993.

Her job blossomed once she made a relocate to Philadelphia to occupational for WUSL (“Power 99FM”). At WUSL, she make a name for herself with her raw discussions about sensitive topics on personal life, previous drug addiction, breast improvement surgery, and also miscarriages.

Her thought-provoking discussions ~ above radio endeared she to fans. Williams was subsequently inducted into the national Radio hall of Fame. However, she feeling it to be time come quit radio and also move to TV.

In 2001, she launched the “The Wendy Williams Show” which airs ~ above BET and also Fox. In that 13 seasons and also counting, the present is syndicated in 53 countries and also will continue into 2022. Her show is one of the most successful TV shows and attracts some 2.3 million everyday viewers. In 2015, the present was ranked number one in the demographic of ladies 25-54 in the U.S.

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Williams’ journey has not to be smooth sailing. She accomplished success in the midst of chaos in she life. In 2019, she opened up up about a relapse the alcohol and drug addiction and living in a sober living house. She also filed for divorce from Kevin Hunter and also opened up about her lymphedema diagnosis that has actually been bring about her legs and also ankles to swell.

She told the LA Times, “The elephant in the room is that I’ve been having a very, really tough year, but slowly but surely ns climbing out of the pit. Sometimes life is a very, very lonely path, and you’ve just gained to make some difficult decisions.”

Nevertheless, Williams came through stronger than ever. In an interview recently, she revealed that she was now living her best life. “I prefer who i am, therefore I have actually no regrets,” she said. “If anything, I’m very happy the I’m quiet relevant enough that i’m able come come v some pretty kick behind dual doors and say. ‘How girlfriend doing?’ and also still be young, fun, and also pop society relevant.”