Who is freckles 1 and what is his net worth 2020? spice 1 is one American rapper that is originally from Hayward, California. Rapper Too brief discovered him. He released his first single “Let it be Known” in 1991. Summer sprouts 1 is one acronym that Sex, Pistol, Indo, Cash and also Entertainment. He is one of the pioneers the Gangsta rap. His lyrics are always equipped with hard-hitting emotionally street tales. Return he’s among the biggest rappers in Gangsta rap genre, spice 1 never gained his due.

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Early Life

Spice 1 is born together Robert Lee green Jr. ~ above July 2, 1970, in Corsicana, Texas, USA. His mother’s surname is Jean Green-Craven. Jean is remarried come Jerry Craven after ~ divorcing Robert’s father. Despite He to be born in Texas, Robert aka freckles 1 is an extremely close to his stepfather and also mother. His stepfather always refers him together his son. Young Robert constantly liked writing songs and rapping. He claimed in one interview that he decided to it is in a rapper in ~ 15.


He composed his an initial rhyme at the age of 14. His very first single Let that Be known was exit in 1991 but he didn’t obtain his desired fame as the solitary wasn’t widely distributed. Next year, he exit his an initial album, self-titled freckles 1. This album is pertained to as among the ideal rap album of all time. He was in contract with Jive records. He ended that contract in 1999 following a dispute.

Education: spice 1 attend Mt. Eden High institution in Hayward, California. If he was in school, he obtained into rap and released his an initial single. Further status that his education and learning is unknown.

Net worth of summer sprouts 1

Spice 1 has actually a net worth that $1.5 million. He remained in contract through Jive records from 1991 come 1999, and they exit 5 albums together. After he broke his contract v Jive, that accused Jive records of offering him less money. He likewise accused Jive records of not cultivating his albums. Every one of his albums through Jive to be well obtained by the critics. He has actually collaborated with countless artists including the legend Tupac Shakur. That is now with Thug world music group. He makes plenty of of his money native the album sales, shows and also appearances.

Spice 1 lives in one apartment in only area, California. He owned a Cadillac Escalade, in i beg your pardon he gained shot in his chest in the year 2007. He additionally owns countless luxurious cars.

His main source of revenue is native the albums, singles, stage shows, and appearances. With many years of experience in the music industry, the spawned his own label, Thug people Music Group. The music label stepped into this an extremely world through launching his album through his solo home Sweet Home.

Spice 1 debut album the his surname had plenty of uncut lyrics and also unusual storyline and also the people was not all set for it. Yet the lead solitary Welcome come the Ghetto to be hit and also because that that, the album had actually an RIAA yellow status. Welcome to the Ghetto led Tupac Shakur to notification him. The album is now taken into consideration as a cult and also one that the greatest albums of all time. His track 187 evidence charted as no. 1 in the prestigious Billboard chart. He and Tupac to be inseparable at the time and also they collaborated on plenty of songs. Freckles 1 has 12 studio albums, 11 compilation albums, one EP and 6 charting singles. The list of his studio albums is-

• freckles 1: RIAA Gold• 187 the Wrote: RIAA Gold• AmeriKKKa’s Nightmare: RIAA Gold• 1990- Sick• The black color Bossalini• Immortalized• Spiceberg Slim• The Ridah• Dyin’ 2 Ball• The Truth• Haterz Nightmare

Some that his hit song are-

• Welcome to the Ghetto• Fucked in the Game• Money or Murder• City Streets• Dumpin’ Em in Ditches• The Murda Show• Strap ~ above The Side• Jealous got Me Strapped

• In 2007 freckles 1 to be shot in his chest in prior of his parent’s home.• spice 1 helped a family of a toddler who passed away from the injuries in a automobile crash.

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Spice 1 is just one of the finest rappers native the only area and also one that the forefathers that Gangsta laboratory genera.