Quinton Rampage Jackson net Worth and also Salary: Quinton "Rampage" Jackson is a mixed Martial Artist and also actor who has actually a net worth of $4 million. Over the years, Jackson has combated in the Bellator MMA, the UFC, and also Pride FC. His achievements include the UFC irradiate Heavyweight Champion title, pride Middleweight Championship belt, and also winning the Bellator MMA light Heavyweight Tournament. End the years, Quinton has gained a call for his trash-talking and unique fighting style.

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Early Life: Quinton Ramone "Rampage" Jackson was born ~ above June 20th that 1978 in Memphis, Tennessee. Elevated in a negative neighborhood, Quinton started marketing drugs at an early age. He likewise became a consistent street fighter, and it didn"t assist that his father was addicted come drugs.

During his high institution years, Jackson performed fine on the school"s rings team. During this period, Jackson learned miscellaneous karate highlight techniques. He climate attended Lassen neighborhood College, however was expelled after ~ fighting through a teammate ~ above the rings team.

Career: After leaving college, Quinton determined to embark on a career as a combined martial art fighter. After completing in a variety of smaller promotions, he traveled to Japan to complete in proud FC. The company marketed Quinton as a homeless person, and he shed in his first fight against Kazushi Sakuraba. Regardless of this early setback, Jackson impression audiences v his wild fighting style and became much more successful in his next few fights.

Eventually, his time at Pride put him up versus Wanderlei Silva. In 2003, Jackson won a separation decision against the Brazilian fighter. The then defeated Chuck Liddell. Jackson would certainly go on come fight Silva on plenty of occasions in the future, v both fighters racking increase wins. His last couple of fights were versus people prefer Shogun Rua and also Hirotaka Yokoi.

After a brief duration with the world Fighting Alliance, Quinton signed a contract with the UFC and knocked out Marvin Eastman at UFC 67. The then captured the UFC light Heavyweight title after beating chuck Liddell in 2003.

In 2007, Jackson joined "The can be fried Fighter 7" as a coach. This at some point saw that fighting Forrest Griffin because that the light heavyweight championship in ~ UFC 86. The match was close, and Quinton knocked Forrest down in the first round. However, Griffin came earlier and stayed aggressive for the remainder of the fight. In the end, Griffin was plainly the dominant fighter and landed more strikes. Eventually, Forrest winner the fight with a unanimous decision.

Over the next few years, Jackson fought fighters prefer Wanderlei Silva, Keith Jardine, and also Lyoto Machida. However, that announced in 2009 the he was quitting the UFC due to the fact that he was being mistreated by the company. This showed to be a short-lived decision, however, together Jackson at some point returned come the UFC and also fought Rashad Evans. This was a fight the Jackson had been questioning for, however he finished up losing in another unanimous decision.

Quinton Rampage Jackson
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In 2010, Quinton combated Lyoto Machida in ~ UFC 123, to win in a controversial separation decision. After an additional victory versus Matt Hamill, Jackson lost versus Jon Jones. An additional loss against Ryan Bader in 2012 brought about Jackson to announce the he was leaving the UFC when again. His last fight was versus Glover Teixeira in 2012, a fight the he lost via one more unanimous decision.

Jackson then moved to Bellator MMA in 2013. In his an initial fight, he faced Joey Beltran, knocking him out in the an initial round. One more first-round knockout came against Christian M"Pumbu. After one more victory against Muhammed Lawal, Jackson briefly went back to the UFC in 2014 and won versus Fabio Maldonado. The then invested the next few years fighting several opponents in Bellator MMA, prior to the company opted not to re-sign the in 2019. At this point, Jackson had actually a record of 38 wins and 14 losses v 52 complete matches. 20 the his wins come by knockout, and 14 the his wins came by decision. Rampage has actually lost by knockout four times.

Controversies: On numerous occasions, Jackson has faced controversy after sex-related comments and also behavior directed towards various reporters. Countless of these incidents have bordered top top assault.

Legal Issues: In 2008, Jackson was arrested for felony reckless driving and felony hit and also run. Policemans were required to follow Quinton prior to finally apprehending him. That pleaded no guilty to all charges and also his charges were dismissed after a judge determined that his perfect of 200 hrs of community company was enough. In 2014, Jackson asserted that the factor he was driving for this reason recklessly was that he was desperately trying to with a friend"s house who to be going to effort suicide.

Real Estate: In 2017, it was reported that Quinton was involved in a legal fight over his residence in Orange County. According to the court documents, Jackson originally purchased this residence in 2010 because that $1.15 million in cash. Unfortunately, Quinton made a slightly unorthodox relocate when he purchased the residence, selecting not to placed his surname on the title. He also didn"t put the title under the name of a company or reality he controlled. Instead, he just wrote "Jazella," which to be the firm of a service that his manager controlled at the time.

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Inevitably, he and his manager at some point parted ways, which led to Jackson trying to have the title moved to his name. Yet his manager, Denis Joseph Gwynn, had other ideas. Gwynn allegedly decided to market the property, leaving Jackson fighting in court to retain ownership of his very own home. He ultimately filed a lawsuit in order to keep his house.