Mike Murdock is a contemporary Christian singer rotate televangelist, and the pastor of The Wisdom facility ministry in Haltom City, Texas.

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He is an advocate—and beneficiary—of prosperity theology.

He’s likewise a Trump support who supposedly owns two private jets.

Here’s what else us know about the charismatic pastor v the gift of the gab.

But first…what is prosperity theology?

The prosperity gospel—sometimes dubbed seed faith—is a spiritual belief organized by some Christians that God way for the faithful to it is in financially and physically blessed.

It posits the if you room faithful enough, optimistic enough, and also donate enough money to the church and also its causes, God will an increase your bank balance.

Essentially, prosperity theology claims that every worldly problems—including sickness and poverty—are curses that have the right to be broken by prove your belief in the church.

While prosperity theology has been around for a long time—since the healing Revivals the the 1950s—it has risen to prominence in the ’90s and also 2000s through a new breed the prosperity pastors.

These include Mike Murdock, Creflo A. Dollar, T.L. Osborn, Joel Osteen, and the scandalized Jim Bakker.

The beginning Story

Michael Dean Murdock was born in Lake Charles, Louisiana, on April 18, 1946.

He is the only son of J.E. And also Willie Murdock, who likewise have four daughters.

Murdock asserted that he had actually preached his very first sermon at period 8, and at 17 he had actually joined Jimmy Swaggart—who he detailed as among his mentors.

Swaggart is the founder that Jimmy Swaggart Ministries and the owner the the SonLife broadcasting Network.

He to be a much-respected prosperity theology pastor for decades. Many sex scandals in the ’80s and ’90s led to him being stripped the his location by the Assemblies that God, and stepping down from his role at Jimmy Swaggart Ministries.

Murdock graduated from Lake Charles’s LaGrange High school in the summer that 1964, and also headed because that the Southwestern Assemblies of God college in Waxahachie, Texas.

He didn’t graduated, dropping out after 3 semesters.

Mike Murdock walk by the location Dr. Mike Murdock. This is one honorary title bestowed on him in 1999 by the worldwide Seminary the Florida.

In 2020, he began treatment for a mind tumor.

Rising through The Ranks

In the late ’80s, Murdock was a minister at the PTL Club.

He obtained notoriety as soon as he inquiry viewers to donate come a fund for Jim and Tammy Faye Bakker—the former of i m sorry would soon be sentenced to prison for fraud and rape charges.

He additionally drew attention for bragging around paying cash for a personal jet during a sermon.

His congregation, who appeared uncomfortable in video footage, were then berated by an angry Murdock, who declared they were “jealous” and should “act happy” for their leader. The video clip was mutual with man Oliver of last Week Tonight.

It spread across mainstream media soon thereafter.

Murdock was regularly embroiled in some form of conflict over money.

In 2003, fort Worth media ran a collection spotlighting Murdock’s church donations—given through his congregation—being offered to his own household members.

The linked Press likewise exposed him the year—this time because that spending more than 60% of total donations on overheads and also his very own salary.

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The birth of a Church

In 2004, Murdock started a brand-new church of his own.

His gmbh bought the international Faith center in Haltom City, Texas, changed its name to The Wisdom Center, and opened the doors come Murdock’s congregation.

Between 2004 and 2019, things adjusted a lot for the charismatic pastor.

Inside his 135,000 square foot megachurch, which features a ballroom, a throne, and also classic Grecian columns, Mike Murdock reigned supreme.

He wore large, ostentatious jewelry.

He dyed his gray hair jet black.

But he continued to beg his congregation because that money.

For many of the church’s life, $58 has actually been the walk donation rate—based on Murdock’s 58 principles.

He additionally continued writing books, explain to have published end 600 of them.

Murdock broadened his ns to include social media—you can discover him ~ above Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube.

He broadened his material wealth, too.

Murdock ongoing to talk about money, including the big homes and also expensive deluxe cars that owns.

He attempted to sell his sprawling 25-room Texas residence in 2011 for $3.2 million—eventually reducing the price to $2.7 million in 2013.

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Friends in short Places

Murdock has one an ext ace increase his sleeve—or toad in the hole, relying on how girlfriend look in ~ it.

He endorsed Donald Trump during the 2016 presidential campaign, complimenting his “warrior soul for restoring America” and saying the previous reality TV personality has actually a “phenomenal mind.”


GettyAt one allude while Trump remained in office, Murdock referred to as him a “genius”—and that wasn’t gift satirical.

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Mike Murdock – network Worth

Murdock earned many of his wealth from selling copies of his books and serving together the pastor of The Wisdom facility ministry based in Haltom City.