It’s time come start an additional concrete project, and this time it will be a large scale. Several concrete will be needed and also knowing the bulk sizes and also prices have the right to be necessary when you room preparing to buy, measure, and prepare for the concrete pour. Weight the Concrete BagNumber of Bags every PalletPallet and also Individual Price40 lbs80 bags$2.42 per bag/ $193.60 per pallet60 lbs56 bags$7.59 per bag/$425.04 every pallet80 lbs42 bags$4.99 per bag/$399.20 per pallet
Exact prices will depend on what brand or concrete friend buy and also where you get it from, in addition to the specialty the the concrete mix.Normally, when concrete comes in bulk it come on a pallet. Different types of concrete and different brands space packaged at different weights, and so while these numbers over are quite standard, they might be subject come change.
Along through the opportunity to acquire pallets that 40, 60, and 80 lb bags, friend can uncover concrete bags at various other weights.A typical weight the a bag the concrete is 50 lbs. 64 of this bags will certainly fit top top a pallet.Portland Cement comes in a variety of weights, which are not normal bag sizes, and also each one comes v a different pallet size ranging from 100 every pallet to 35 bags a pallet. The number ~ above the pallet will depend ~ above the weight of the bag.

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Quikrete Weights and also Prices

Quikrete is a very popular brand the concrete mix. Castle have plenty of varieties of cement mixes supplied for different species of concrete work.Some examples of your varieties and also the weight of their bags, and also how countless fit on a pallet is below:Ready to usage Concrete Mix – comes in 40, 60, and also 80 lbs bags. Top top average, this bag is $4.99 each.Fast-Setting Concrete Mix – 50 lbs bags. Normally, the is about $5.25 per bag.Quikrete 5000 Concrete Mix – 60 or 80 lbs bags. It is about $7.99 because that each bag.Crack Resistant Concrete Mix – 60 and 80 lbs bags. This bag is generally 6.59 dollars every bag.Countertop Mix – 80 lbs bags. This bag is $19.99 each.Mortar Mix – 10, 40, 60, or 80 lbs bags. This bag is about $7.99 each.Mason Mix – 60 or 80 lbs bags. This bag is 6.59 dollars each.Portland Cement Mix – 31 (100 every pallet), 47 lbs bags for $11.99 every (63 every pallet), 94 (35 every pallet), 92.6 lb bags (35 per pallet).Masonry Cement Mix – 70 lbs bag (40 per pallet). ~ above average, this bag is $5.98 each.When ordering and deciding ~ above the concrete friend will need for a project, the is important to know the form of concrete that will certainly work ideal for you, how much coverage friend need, exactly how many bags you will certainly need, how you will transport them, and also how thick your slab will certainly be. Every one of these factors should weigh right into the decision of how countless you need.


On average, an 80-pound bag the concrete covers about 45 cubic feet. While a 60-pound bag the concrete will certainly cover 30 cubic feet.

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Read more: How many Bags that Concrete equal a Yard?No matter how much floor you setup to cover, or what kind of concrete girlfriend choose, be certain to leave room for a margin of error and get enough for the totality job.If you get Quikrete Concrete, they will often permit you come return any kind of concrete you do not end up needing for your project. In that case, be sure to keep it the right way to not gain your Quikrete bags wet.