If you and your family are all set to add an adorable kitten to her family, you could have currently started researching various breeds and colors. If you’ve been tempted by the assumed of a gorgeous Calico kitten, us wouldn’t reference you at all! these sweet cats are white, black, and also orange. Calico cats come in every sorts of different breeds too!

While the cost of your new Calico kitten can vary depending upon their breed, her ongoing costs will most likely be similar. We broke down the typical monthly costs for owning a Calico cat, so you can be prepared for exactly how much you’ll have to budget. Be affected by each other in mind that prices for specific services favor veterinary care can vary region by region, however other prices like food and cat litter will be reasonably consistent. So, prior to you go ahead and also reserve the fluffy small kitten, make certain you’re totally informed and also prepared because that the ongoing expenses of cat ownership.

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Bringing home a brand-new Calico Cat: One-Time Costs

Image Credit: RD GF, PixabayOnce you’ve determined to very own a cat, you’ll must be all set to invest a same amount of accumulation in one-off early stage costs. If you’ve never ever owned a cat before, then the list of items you’ll should buy prior to you can bring your kitten home can be fairly long. If you have actually owned a cat, you can decide if she going to reuse items or invest in other new.

Besides every the items the your kitten needs, you’ll additionally need to budget plan for your healthcare, consisting of vaccinations, spaying or neutering, and also check-ups. First, let’s take it a look at exactly how much you have to expect to pay because that your new Calico kitten.


As Calico is a color and not a particular breed, you may see Calico kittens advertised as cost-free to a great home. This kittens may come native an accidental litter or from a feral cat mama whose babies were rescued by a great Samaritan. Be affected by each other in mind, though, the these kittens might not have had any kind of health checks, and also the wellness of both parental cats may not have actually been thought about either. If you are looking to rehome a kitten in need, then adopting one native a shelter is probably a wiser investment.


Image Credit: paki74, PIxabay$100-$250

Most shelters will have actually a good selection that Calico cat of all different breeds. They may have kittens and also older cats searching for a love home. If you’re no worried about what breed her Calico cat is, this is a great place to discover your brand-new cat! All cats in a sanctuary will have had actually their wellness checked prior to they’re adopted. The expense of fostering goes toward extending the prices of to run the shelter and veterinary care.



Depending on the each other you’re feather at, your prices will vary, but typically, a Calico costs between $200 and $2,000. Even if you pick a breed v a premium price tag, this initial price will tho be small compared come the costs of looking after her cat because that their whole lifetime. As an example, though, different breeds through Calico coloration include:

Almost every Calico cats are females since the shade is concerned the X chromosome. Two duplicates of this gene are required for a cat to have a Calico coat. Rarely, a male cat is uncovered with an X chromosome, which castle don’t generally have. This causes Klinefelter’s Syndrome, i m sorry can an outcome in serious wellness issues. For the reason, you’ll most likely never check out a masculine Calico cat advertised.

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Initial Setup and also Supplies

Image Credit: Del Green, Pixabay$120-$450

The price of her initial setup and also supplies will certainly vary relying on if you’ve had actually a cat before or not. Us recommend getting everything on this list. For some supplies, there will be a wide variety of prices to choose from. For others, favor vet care, you’ll have to pay the standard rate for your region.

List that Calico Cat treatment Supplies and also Costs

Before you bring your new Calico kitten home, make certain you’ve invest in everything listed here. Inspect out alternatives online to find something come suit your budget, or head come your neighborhood pet keep to watch what they have on offer. Because that veterinary services, go to your local vet and also ask for a quote.

ID Tag and Collar$15
X-ray Cost$100-$250
Ultrasound Cost$250-$500
Teeth Cleaning$150-$300
Nail Clipper$7
Litter Box$25
Litter Scoop$10
Scratching post$50
Food and Water Bowls$10

How much Does a Calico Cat price Per Month?

Image Credit: Pham Trung Kien, Pixabay$20-$250 per month

After you’ve invested in your initial setup supplies, the monthly expenses of keeping a Calico cat can vary. Girlfriend can choose to get budget plan food and supplies or splash out on premium ranges. Part cats will require ongoing monthly medication, which will boost your monthly outgoings.

Health Care

$15-$200+ every month

Your Calico cat’s monthly healthcare prices will frequently include things like:

Emergency treatment, like if your cat ate something poisonous or had an accident, deserve to increase the prices for a certain month. That a good idea to setup for exactly how you could meet unexpected bills. Part cat owners have actually a savings account, while others choose to take out pet insurance. Her vet may likewise accept payment plans, and also this is a great question come ask them when you’re visiting because that a regime check-up.


Image Credit: Stamat Vitalii, Shutterstock$20-$75 per month 

There space so countless different cat foods to select from, you’ll have no trouble finding one to suit your budget. Make sure that the one girlfriend choose always has genuine meat listed as one of the an initial five ingredients and also that it contains a high percent of protein. Budget brands may use fillers, prefer grains, to mass out the foods while keeping expenses down.

You may decide to choose a premium brand, through organic or high-quality ingredient designed to give your cat the best nutrition.


$0-$15 per month

How lot it costs to groom your Calico cat each month will count on if castle long- or short-haired. Long-haired cats will need much more investment in terms of devoted brushes, or friend may pick to book them in because that an appointment with a expert groomer.

Shorthaired cats will just need a rapid brush as soon as a week or therefore to keep their skin and coat in great condition.

Medications and also Vet Visits

Image Credit: Maria Sbytova, Shutterstock$0-$50+ every month

Many Calico cats space healthy and also won’t need any details monthly medications, except flea and parasite control. Part breeds that Calico cat may suffer from wellness problems, however, for this reason it’s always best come familiarize yourself through the health problems that may affect the certain breed that you’re interested in.

Whatever your cat’s breed, making certain you brush their this regularly have the right to reduce the chance of them suffering from dental disease.

Pet Insurance

$5-$25+ every month

This is one optional extra, and also not every Calico cat owners choose to insure your pets. It can seem like an unnecessary expense, yet if her cat does need expensive and unexpected treatment, pets insurance can help cover those costs. It’s always worth acquisition a look at a couple of policies and also seeing if yes sir one to suit your budget.

Environment Maintenance

Image Credit: Paul Keiffer, Pixabay$15-$100+ every month

After food, this is probably going to be among your larger expenses. Relying on what brand and form of cat litter friend use, you’ll must up 20 pounds that litter every cat every month. Girlfriend may additionally choose to use litter mats, liners, or various other accessories.

Offering her cat a fresh cardboard scratcher each month is also a good idea, so we recommend budgeting because that that as well.

Litter crate liners$5/month
Deodorizing spray or granules$5/month
Cardboard Scratcher$10/month


$0-$50+ every month

When it concerns entertainment, you have the right to either spend very tiny or splash the end on all kinds the things! all cats require a great variety that mental and physical stimulation, for this reason make sure your house consists of plenty of exciting things for your Calico come explore and play with. Toys have the right to be miscellaneous cheap or complimentary like an old cotton reel, or you can treat your cat come the recent interactive toys.

Cat subscription boxes have the right to keep your cat entertained, and also most market a monthly an option of treats and also toys.

Total Monthly expense of Owning a Calico Cat

Image Credit: user32212, Pixabay$20-$100+ every month

How much it prices you to keep your Calico cat each month will count on whether you buy premium products, budget plan products, or a mix of both. There’s no need to think the you need to spend tons of money on her cat every month, when the essentials room covered, you nothing necessarily have to spend more.

The key thing that might increase your monthly prices is vet care. Her cat may build a problem that requires regular medication, or they can have an accident v an expensive bill. Our final monthly calculation hasn’t accounting for unexpected vets bills, therefore it’s constantly worth bearing the in mind.

Additional expenses to factor In

Besides your continuous monthly costs, you might want to consider occasional costs, including:

Owning a Calico Cat ~ above a Budget

Image Credit: Michelle Raponi, PixabayIt’s totally feasible to very own a Calico cat on a budget. When you’ve invest in your initial setup costs, you can keep costs down by buying budget plan cat litter, do homemade toys, and also even developing DIY scratching articles or cat trees if you have spare products lying around.

One area in i beg your pardon we always recommend security the majority of your budget is your cat’s food. Spending the time to uncover the finest food that you can afford is time fine spent. Constantly choose a food it is high in protein, features real meat, and also is totally free from meat by-products, fabricated colors, and also fillers.

Saving Money top top Calico Cat Care

Image Credit: Loic Polet, PixabayLook the end for items prefer cat carriers and food bowls at garden sales. This can easily be cleaned up and also should critical a long time. You could make your cat a bed the end of fabric scraps or one old bedspread, instead of to buy an expensive brand-new one.

Consider switching to a cheaper cat litter, or decide which items, choose litter box liners, girlfriend may be able to do without. Look at cat food reviews, and see if it’s worth switching brand to conserve a few cents.

Remember the what all cat want, more than the latest an elaborate cat toys, is plenty of interaction with your owners. Spend time playing with your cat, and also we guarantee that they won’t be worried that you’re trying to conserve money!


Once you’ve invested in your brand-new cat’s initial supplies and vet care, your monthly expenses can it is in as small as $25 or so. There’s no need to spend lots on items like automatic litter crate and an intricate cat bed — uneven you want to, the course!

Something that can develop unexpected prices is if your cat needs veterinary treatment. You might decide that pet insurance money is a sensible investment, or friend can set up a save account for your cat and also put in extra money whenever friend can.

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Do your research once it come to selecting food and also litter, and reassess these expenses every 6 month to watch where you have the right to make savings. However remember the what your cat cares most around is safety time with you!

Featured photo Credit: Sylvia Aruffo, Pixabay


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