The 1953 Washington 4 minutes 1 is a must-have because that any and all collectors feather to put together a finish collection the Quarters. Despite minted plenty of decades ago, these coins space still rolling out of the us Mint today, though they have actually undergone some little changes. Collectors love these coins, yet only if lock can find them in wonderful condition.

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Therein lies the an obstacle for many because while the coin itself is in no way an overwhelming to find, recognize one in excellent condition is not basic at all. On height of that, the selection of well-preserved piece will just diminish further as time moves on.

Grading the 1953 Washington Quarter

For any coin together old together the 1953 Washington Quarter, the condition of the coin will mean every little thing to collectors. This is why you see a collector putting over the surface of a offered coin before making a purchase, because no one desires to own a poorly-preserved piece. In to compare to many other united state coins, the 1953 Washington 4 minutes 1 is reasonably new, but that go not average they are basic to discover in well-preserved shape.

Normally, collectors send your coins far to expert companies in stimulate to have them graded. Unfortunately, the is not always feasible so us have provided below an summary that closely walks you with the different coin grades and their connected characteristics.

Uncirculated: an Uncirculated Washington quarter is one that went immediately from the mint right into a for sure place. Being that these coins were completely kept the end of harm’s way, they have actually incurred no damage and also actually take it on the look at of a coin the was simply recently minted. Naturally, Uncirculated Quarters room the ones the collectors desire to own.

Extremely Fine: very Fine quarter is one that spent just a short duration of time exchanging hands. During this time the coin was definitely subjected to some damage, but not so lot so the it is very noticeable. In fact, most damage on this coins is just able to checked out under close inspection.

Fine: because that a coin to obtain the grade of Fine, it will certainly have had actually to spend a an excellent bit that time being circulated. This coins will have actually retained all of their imagery and texture, however they will certainly have had their surface worn down to the allude where lock are almost smooth thanks to every the circulation. Still, collectors do not scoff at these coins and often have no reservations around adding them to a collection.

Good: great is the grade provided to those coins the were circulated for years upon decades. During their time in circulation, these coins will have had actually ample possibility to end up being quite greatly damaged. From complete surface wear come the actual chipping and bending that the coin, coins that space graded come be great are in pretty rough shape.

Pricing the 1953 Washington Quarter

If you room looking to recognize a price allude for a given Washington Quarter, watch no more than the condition and the type. Due to the fact that collectors are much more concerned v aesthetics than anything else, they space going to first seek out those coins that have been well-preserved. Secondly, due to the fact that multiple species of the Washington quarter were produced every year, this additionally plays really heavily right into the price you space going to it is in asked to pay. The chart below is aimed at providing you a much better idea the what you could be asked come pay because that a 1953 Washington Quarter offered its condition and also type.

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1953 Washington Quarter

1953 Washington QuarterN/AN/A$7.50$8
1953 Washington 4 minutes 1 (D)N/AN/A$7$8
1953 Washington 4 minutes 1 (S)N/AN/A$7$8
Source: Red Book

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