Bacon is a much-loved staple in plenty of U.S. Households with end $6.5 billion¹ worth of this meat being customer each year.

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If a cooking recipes calls because that a pound of bacon, it have the right to pose a challenge. You probably don’t desire to gain grease on your weighing scales, therefore this leader to the question: how many slices the bacon in a pound? This answer will certainly vary depending upon how thick the slices are. The brand, type of meat used, and also extra ingredients will certainly also affect the load of the bacon.

To keep things simple, we’ve compiled a overview to obtain you ago cooking in a flash.

How many bacon slices in a pound?

We got to out to few of the major producers of bacon in the joined States. On average, there are 16 slices the bacon in a pound. Special sliced had actually as few as 10 slices, while thin sliced had up come 30 in a one-pound pack.


Here’s a summary table showing the selection of slices you deserve to expect because that each kind of cut. The most common type of bacon you’ll discover in supermarkets is constant sliced.

Thickness the cutBacon slices in a pound

Breaking under the slices by brand

We also decided come look at the average variety of slices for some of the significant brands in stores about the unified States. Scan v to uncover the product you on regular basis buy and also get her answer!

BrandProductSlices in a pound
Great ValueThick Sliced organic Hickory exhilaration Bacon10
HatfieldCherrywood acting Extra Thick cut Triple smoked Bacon13
HatfieldClassic Hardwood acting Sliced Bacon16
HatfieldReduced sodium Bacon16
HormelBlack brand Original16
Jimmy DeanPremium Thick reduced Hickory acting Bacon10
Market PantryHardwood Smoked standard Cut18
Oscar MayerNaturally Hardwood exhilaration Bacon18
Oscar MayerNaturally Hardwood exhilaration Thick cut Bacon11
SmithfieldHickory smoked Bacon14
SugardaleHickory acting Bacon16

The variety of slices noted by each brand is simply a guideline. As stated on most bacon packaging, the serves every pack is a recommended quantity and also won’t always be exact.

Peameal vs. Side Cut

Peameal bacon (aka Canadian bacon) is do from the center-cut pork loin and also is rolling in cornmeal as soon as it is made. It provides roughly half the slices that continual side-cut bacon offers. Because that example, side-cut bacon that offers 16 slices will an outcome in approximately 8 slices the peameal.

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Converting crumbled bacon into slices

Crumbled bacon deserve to be supplied in many recipes, including potato salad, pizza, and even ice cream cream! If a recipe calls for cooked bacon that’s crumbled, you’ll require to understand how countless slices come use.

1 cup of crumbled bacon = 1 pound (16 slices) the bacon

Note: It isn’t as basic as placing life bacon in a cup to measure up it. Cooking bacon will reduce significantly as the fat provides down. For this reason 2 cups of life bacon doesn’t same 2 cup of cooking bacon bits.

Bacon FAQs

Center cut is a continuous slice that bacon v the ends reduced off. It has a lot much less fat and also is a an excellent option for those top top a low-fat diet.

In the unified States, the majority of bacon is make from next pork i m sorry is a cut of meat from the side of the pig. Bacon is additionally commonly do from pork belly.

Summing Up

Bacon recipes are everywhere, and also they regularly don’t use slices as the measurement. Instead, you’ll frequently see an ingredient section call for a pound or 1/2 a pound of meat. The purpose of this write-up is to make it straightforward for friend to transform pounds right into slices.

Bacon slices vary in thickness, for this reason the number of slices in a fill will additionally vary quite a lot. As a basic rule, there are 16 slices in a continuous cut load of one lb bacon.

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It’s a an excellent idea to cook extra if you’re a tiny unsure just how much come use. No one has ever complained around too lot bacon in their life.