You"re wondering exactly how much walk a soccer round weigh. This short article will help you recognize the load of the various sized balls because that youth soccer.

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3 11-12 Ounces
4 12-13 Ounces
5 14-16 Ounces

SOCCER round WEIGHT depends ON product USED

Each of the 3 officially sized football balls has actually a narrow forced weight range that have to be adhered to in order for them to be agree as video game balls. Size 3 balls should weigh between 11 and also 12 ounces. Moving up to a dimension 4 ball, the weight should be between 12 and also 13 ounces. The biggest standard size is a dimension 5 soccer ball and it have to come in v a weight in between 14 and 16 ounces.

soccer ball weight comparison

Okay, currently let"s take a  look in ~ the different weights because that each soccer ball size, in both English and metric measurements To put in perspective because that you, we"ll likewise compare the various soccer sphere weights to other typical objects.

how much does a dimension 2 soccer ball weigh
Toddler Soccer ball Weighs 6.5 OZ.

Because it"s no an officially well-known soccer sphere size, you"ll find an ext than the usual amount of sport in the weight of size 2 balls. There are no united state Youth soccer or FIFA regulations regarding soccer balls that space smaller and lighter than the regulation dimension 3 balls.

I had to research this dimension ball weight to offer you an accurate answer to how heavy they are and this is what I discovered out because that you about this very lightweight soccer ball. Dimension 2 balls variety between 6.5 and 8.5 ounces, or in between 184 grams and also 241 grams

In rough terms, a dimension 2 youth soccer sphere weighs about one-third as much as a basketball. That"s also about the exact same weight that a cup that water, and also just a tiny bit much more weight than a softball has.

how much does a size 3 soccer ball weigh
Size 3 Soccer round Weighs 11 OZ.

A size 3 soccer sphere weighs around the same as a human being heart.  That"s about 3/4 the the weight of a regulation size 5 soccer ball. In metric measurement a size 3 ball weight 312-340 grams

The difference in between the weight of a dimension 3 soccer round for U8 players doesn"t look at like much it in reality is, complete size football balls are around % heavier 보다 a younger child"s football ball.

I shown that the weight of one of my size 3 soccer balls didn"t readjust much over the numerous years the I"ve coached v it. I weighed it on mine wife"s kitchen scale and it come it appropriate at 11 ounces.

how much does a size 4 soccer ball weigh
3/4 LB. - dimension 4 football Ball

A size 4 football ball need to weigh in between 340 and 369 grams. That"s between 12 and 13 ounces, i beg your pardon is 3/4 that a pound. You might compare it to be around as hefty as a deserve to of soup. That"s also the very same weight as a Kindle Fire HD 8.

Despite the apparent huge size difference, size 4 balls are just slightly heavier than dimension 3 balls-surprisingly only about 1 ounce heavier-and room slightly lighter than dimension 5 football balls.

how much does a dimension 5 soccer sphere weigh
Size 5 Weighs 14-16 Ounces

It"s about two time as hefty as a Hamster. Another way you say it is that a size 5 soccer balls weighs the very same as 2 adult hamsters weigh. The median adult hamster has a usual weight of about 7-8 ounces.

Size 5 soccer balls weigh in between 397 and also 454 grams.  A pound is  exactly 453.592 grams, therefore a dimension 5 soccer sphere is a pound at the heaviest and 7/8 lb at that is lightest.

how lot does a civilization cup soccer sphere weigh

The football balls provided for the human being Cup games are greatly monitored. Over there is so lot at stake the the weights the the balls liked are very closely scrutinized at a really high level.

A soccer ball that is too hefty or also light deserve to detract from the level of play throughout the game. Just like the dimension 5 balls provided for the older children who play youth soccer, these soccer balls need to weigh between 14 and also 16 ounces.

how lot DO hefty duty soccer balls weigh

Simply put, over there are heavy duty football balls that are not used in official games and can weigh more than a regulation soccer ball. The regulations on the size and weight store the ball continual so the the players can build a regular level of play.

Every component that goes into the manufacturing of the soccer ball influence its weight. That includes the form of bladder on the inside, the material and thickness the one or more liners, the extending on the outside, and also the darn that host the panels together.

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The number of panels will also affect how heavy the soccer ball is too. A 32 panel sphere was developed in 1962, yet was overcome by a 24 panel design, and also a 42 panel design, early on after the revolve of this century.  hefty duty soccer balls may use lot of lining layers, heavier external covers, extra thick stitching and thicker bladders.