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Engine Specs infection Specs Exterior dimensions inner Dimensions Fuel economic climate Payload volume Towing capacity

All dimensions are in inches uneven otherwise noted.

Vehicle Type
4-door Sport utility Vehicle
Engine Data
Engine type

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Steering 2002 Ford Explorer
Type Power rack and also pinion
Turning diameter 36.7 feet/11.2 meters
Front suspension Short- and long-arm, coil-over-shock
Rear suspension Short- and long-arm, coil-over-shock
Tires and Wheels
Model Tires Wheels
XLS P245/70R-16 all-season OWL Full-face steel, painted electric Silver, Optional actors alum., painted Sparkle silver-
XLT P235/70R-16 all-season OWL Cast alum., painted Sparkle silver Optional mid-cast alum., painted Sparkle Silver
Eddie Bauer P245/70R-16 all-terrain OWL Cast alum., painted Satin Nickel, Chrome steel optional
Limited P245/70R-16 all-terrain OWL Premium actors aluminum,painted Sparkle Silver, Chrome stole optional
Brakes 2002 Ford Explorer
Front Power-assisted disc
Rear Power-assisted disc
Front key diameter 305 mm
Rear key diameter 301 mm
Total swept area, front: 735.3 square centimeters
Rear: 643.0 square centimeters
Braking distance from 60 mph 137 feet, dry asphalt
Antilock Braking Controls front wheel independently, rear wheels in tandem through dynamic
Electronic Brake pressure Distribution
Exterior Dimensions, inches/millimeters
* Measured v P245/70R-16 tires.
Interior Dimensions, inches/millimeters
1st row

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Cargo volume, behind prior seats 88 cubic feet (5 passenger)
81.3 cubic feet (7 passenger)
Cargo volume, behind 2nd seat 46.6 cubic feet
Width in between wheelhouses 45.4/1152
Fuel economic situation (estimated)
2002 Ford Explorer