And he had actually an helmet the brass top top his head, and also he was equipped with a coat of mail; and the load of the coat was 5 thousand shekels that brass. And also he had greaves of brass ~ above his legs, and also a target of brass between his shoulders. And the staff of his spear was choose a weaver"s beam; and also his spear"s head weighed six hundred shekels that iron: and one bearing a shield went before him. 1 Samuel 17:5-7Today"s article has the type of details that boys specifically like. This originates from my repertoire of points I"d use once I essential to get the attention of the 11 year old Blazer B class. Ns think the is funny to recognize these little tidbits."Goliath was equipped to the max! an alert that the “coat that mail” the wore weighed “five thousand shekels of brass.” Remember, 5 thousand shekels the brass is the identical of 125 pounds! In enhancement to this helmet and also this breastplate the weighed 125 pounds, he had greaves (shin guards) the brass and also a target that brass in between his shoulders! The staff of his spear was prefer a weaver’s beam — which way the lengthy staff the his spear weighed at the very least 17 pounds.Additionally, the bible specifically claims that the spear’s head weighed 6 hundred shekels of iron — i beg your pardon is the identical of 16 pounds. One scholar has speculated the the load of every one of these pieces of weaponry together — his helmet, breastplate, greaves, target of brass, spear, and also shield — may have actually weighed in overabundance of 700 pounds!"(Sorry, ns didn"t document the recommendation for this.)

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Jennifer O.November 12, 2009 at 9:47 AM

It's interesting how "heavy" Goliath was with all of his fabricated armor. And David was "light" in his armor, having actually only a sling and good faith in God. This absolutely shows that when we placed our trust in the solutions/armor that man and also in things of the people that we end up being "heavy" and "weighed down", just like sin:Psalm 38:4 4 because that mine iniquities room gone over mine head: together an hefty burden they room too hefty for me.And once we hand our burdens and battles end to the Lord, through repentance and letting go of our organic man, us feel "lighter":Matt 11:30 for my yoke is easy, and also my load is light.Additionally, on optimal of emotion lighter, we obtain "light" that can be shared with those roughly us:Matt 5:16 Let her light for this reason shine before men, that they may see your great works, and also glorify her Father i beg your pardon is in heaven.David was a perfect example of this principle of trusting in the Lord and His plan, and also he was light, was filled through light, and also his light shone before his other men together they celebrated the win over their typical enemy.