Every "approx load chart" ns have found has Shetland ponies weight as in between 150-200kg for a standard Shetland (!) my standard 40" shetland is currently 230kg ~ above my weight tape. She has been top top a secure diet and also has lost quite a little bit of weight already, but if she loses one more 30kg to take it her down to the maximun 200kg she will be serious underweight!!So, just wondering, that else out there has actually a shetland, and also what perform they weight at present. Together I think in this instance the "suggested load range" is a wee bit out!!

We have 5 typical shetties and also their weights selection from 200kg to 300kg approximately. Concerning the suggested weight range, as long as she"s a good weight i wouldn"t worry about it too lot

I discover that weigh tapes do them it seems ~ heavier 보다 they are. I recognize my TB sits at around 550-560kg and also the sweet tape says he is 600-610kg. So take it it v a pince that salt. The only thing castle are good for is once you either desire to gain, loose or preserve weight as you can keep check them. Together for exactly how much mine shetlands weigh - ns wouldn"t want to know! If they introduce a max of around 200kg then they clear haven"t met mine 42" vast as a bus ponies with much more hair than Cousin that ponies!

Thanks guys, mine pony might still loosened a few pounds and also still be shetland shaped, yet 30kg, nope, the RSPCA would certainly be ~ me!!!Anyone else the end there weighed their shetlands?
When Stiggy to be weighed to it is in gelded, he to be 150kg. Vet claimed he was spot on, however he is shaped more like a tiny fine pony than a fat hairy shetland!

The Stig is a pony?? just how did he compose his memoirs and also cause all that fuss??
Mine room both around the 220kg mark, space well rounded yet not obese. Ns worm them at 250kg for this reason share a wormer between them.

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I will weigh mine shettie mare , Tilly later and also just see. I"ve gained to be ethical I"ve never weighed her, ( hears audible gasp from other HHo"s ) as soon as i worm her i worm for 250kg , so it might be a an excellent idea to have a go...mine appears to it is in slim front and ago with big belly in the middle.. Likewise my mini american shettie is like a barrel yet still has a good wooly coat so god knows what he"s top top
I had actually Inka weighed about 10yrs ago, and he was 175kg. He"s one over elevation miniature Shettie. Think 8.1hh ish.I think he probably weighs less than the now, together he"s a lot less chunky than he provided to be.
I could ride among my big "uns to job-related tomorrow and stick ~ above the weighing scales simply out of inerest!
I had actually Inka weighed around 10yrs ago, and also he to be 175kg. He"s one over height miniature Shettie. Think 8.1hh ish.I think he most likely weighs much less than that now, together he"s a lot less chunky 보다 he provided to be.

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I had actually Inka weighed around 10yrs ago, and he to be 175kg. He"s one over height miniature Shettie. Think 8.1hh ish.I think he more than likely weighs much less than the now, together he"s a lot much less chunky than he used to be.
The maximum elevation for minis is 34 inches is it not 8.1hh = 33 inch = no over height mine mini is 32/33 inches, quite a huge bruiser contrasted to some mini Shetties we check out in the display ring but she is still within the elevation limit
I might ride among my huge "uns to job-related tomorrow and also stick top top the weighing scales just out of inerest!
Now that would be cool, and an extremely topical "Pony walk on train" "Pony goes come A&E" and also the HHO version, "Pony walk to job-related to it is in weighed" please tell me you job-related in a sweet shop, that would certainly be ace, Shettie top top one side of the old fashioned weight scales and also loads that pear autumn on various other side many thanks for the answer guys, keep them coming, appears to it is in in basic that the variety should be more like 150 approximately 250 for a ideal chunky shetland monkey
Tilly the (standard size I think) weighs 210kg but as you deserve to see has big belly but not much back and former - us think she"s approx 16yrs old
Beau is mini shet , the weighs 194kg and also is 7 yrs old ( and get this he"s a silver- palomino - yeah well someone made the up ns reckon ) He"s a lofty 20" high. And also again is huge round the middle and living on new air ( back i had to bribe them v hay to get the load tape almost everywhere near the small sods!! The pink bits are sunlight through the method before anyone think he"s a funny colour!
Ahh, lovely tiny guys paddy irish! mine girl is chunkier upfront and also behind yet has the very same shetland tubby tum together Tilly The small mini is super cute! Mine is more his shape, however taller