Disney is one of the greatest names in entertainment, and with the roll-out that Disney Plus, they"re churning out more branded content 보다 ever. However fans haven"t forgotten that in in between their classic animated films and also their new projects because that streaming TV, Disney had one huge hitmaker that is still as renowned as ever: the Disney Channel.

Disney Channel, and its offshoot Disney Junior because that the younger generation, has long attractive talented young stars who usage the communication to launch your careers. Though some stars come out of the suffer with some an unfavorable reflections, choose two stars that were "pitted against" each other on your show, most agree that beginning out top top Disney was a good move for your careers.

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and it"s true, many of previous Disney stars have moved past the channel and are still successful today. What pan really want to know, however, is just how much money the young actors and actresses earn while working for the Mouse.

after all, if the pay is at sight low, it may not be precious it for few of the stars to stick about once their mirrors ended. Thinking earlier to stars favor Selena Gomez, Demi Lovato, and also Miley Cyrus, apart from a few cameos from time come time, all 3 ladies left Disney in their renowned dust.

though bigger-name Disney stars are currently making millions from their music and also sponsorships, exactly how much cash were they pulling in while functioning per-episode ~ above Disney? Seventeen has actually some numbers to share, and the facts room enlightening.

Seventeen reported that sources stated Rowan Blanchard, who was 12 at the time, to be making $10K per episode while functioning on "Girl Meets World." keep in mind that Rowan was a little of one unknown at the time. Plus, the kid star that played her little brother ~ above the show, august Maturo, made about $8K per episode.

other stars do the exact same amount or more, said Seventeen, citing reports the Miley Cyrus made about $15K every "Hannah Montana" episode. Sources also suggest the the Sprouse twins to be pulling in $20K per episode each for your time ~ above "The Suite Life."

Those amounts pale in comparison come what the stars space making today, the course. However for a tween who"s just beginning his or her career on the Disney Channel, $200K or an ext per season the a display is nothing to scoff at.

no to mention, each of the son stars who got their breakout function on Disney also used their clout with the mouse to land various other roles. Rowan Blanchard is ~ above "Snowpiercer," Dover Cameron top to Broadway, and Cole Sprouse wound up on "Riverdale."

Sure, these celebs job-related hard, yet they additionally had a tiny Disney boost to help them make it happen.

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