In the critical post, I created a object abouthow lot is a tungsten ring worth.But today, I"m walking to focus on the Triton tungsten carbide ring. Civilization ask this question becausetungsten rings vary significantly in price: indigenous $ 20 a $ 600.I understand they wantdifferentiate between cheap and expensive tungsten rings

Triton Tungsten Carbide RingIt was sold by Triton Jewelry. Triton jewel is a famed jewelry brand created in 1989. Triton tungsten carbide ring have contemporary and standard styles. Triton provides the largest an option of jewelry in contemporary jewelry metals: titanium, stainless steel, Sterling silver, tungsten carbide and also other metals.

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You will uncover that the price is over $ 165.

Can think:Is the Money worth A Triton Tungsten Carbide Ring?

Maybe yes, maybe no.

Let"s begin with YES.

If you buy a Triton tungsten carbide ring as crucial gift or together a wedding band. That is well worth the money.


Available in Amazon: click the snapshot to examine the price if you like it

Let me tell friend in detail:

1. The Triton Tungsten Carbide Ring was constructed on the basis of technological and style innovation.Therefore, Triton tungsten rings have actually the durability to an obstacle an unforgiving world and the strength to make a statement that is equally strong and unique.

2. The Triton tungsten ring set an sector standard in design, durability and also fashion.Each Triton tungsten ring is draft to critical a lifetime.

3. The Triton tungsten ring is in ~ the forefront of tungsten jewelry technology.

A. Scrape resistant

B. Resistant come varnish


D. Advanced technology

E. Nanotechnology coating

4. They offer a lifetime guarantee.Check the attach here, They stated they offer a life time warranty.(As i said numerous times, lifetime warranty tungsten rings are much more expensive than other tungsten rings. As usual, cost more than $ 200. Since you can change the tungsten ring for totally free at any type of time if you rest it or her finger becomes stronger. )

Available in Amazon: click the picture to inspect the price if you favor it

Let me call you more about the tungsten used by the Triton tungsten ring.I cited her explanation here. You have the right to read carefully.

“Tungsten carbide is a distinctive forged steel that is perfect for a man"s energetic lifestyle. Is durable, scrape resistant and will keep its end up over time v normal use.

Triton Tungsten Carbide TC.850 ™ stands for a formula consisting of about one 85% tungsten carbide, developing a solid material, heavy, hypoallergenic and also tarnish resistant. This unique forged metal is perfect because that an day-to-day activity. Tungsten carbide is the many scratch resistant metal in the jewelry and also bridal industries.

Available in Amazon: click the picture to examine the price if you prefer it

Triton TC.850 ™ uses exclusive proprietary nanotechnology coatings applied to the steel surface in a unique technique resulting in high scratch resistance, high undertake resistance and also greater hardness and also durability. Patented steel micrograin framework provides much more compact and compressed molecules, creating the ideal balance between hardness and also its glossy finish.(UNITED claims PATENT NO. 6,928,734)

With 1300 Vickers, or more than 8.5 on the Mohs hardness scale, Triton"s TC.850 ™ tungsten carbide is the hardest material accessible in bands behind a diamond. Compared, Triton"s TC.850 ™ tungsten carbide is 10 times harder 보다 gold 18 carats and has a comprehensive and luxurious weight like that the platinum.

Materials that are combined to make tungsten carbide maintain their end up over time through normal use. Every Tungsten Carbide colour (negro, White, classic gray, yellow and pink) are scratch resistant “.Triton Jewelry.

Available in Amazon: click the photo to check the price if you prefer it

As you can see, thetungsten ring Triton uses an ext advanced technology to produce its tungsten rings.Therefore, you gain what you pay for.

Lets speak no.

Available in Amazon: click the snapshot to inspect the price if you like it

In mine opinion, theTriton tungsten carbide rings room not worth thousands of dollars.I recognize the ins and also outs of do a tungsten ring. I understand the exact cost of do a basic tungsten ring. Check out this postWhy perform tungsten rings differ so lot in price?If you want to recognize more.

If you just want come buy a tungsten ring because that a daily outfit or as a travel ring. You don"t must pay that much for a tungsten ring. Just go to Amazon or Walmart to obtain one. Friend only have to pay between $ 20 Y $ 30 to obtain the same tungsten ring you have the right to buy elsewhere. Read more here:Why room tungsten ring so cheap top top Amazon?

Available in Amazon: click the photo to check the price if you favor it


Professional tips: if you buy a tungsten carbide ring together a wedding band or an important gift, pay an ext for better service and a life time warranty.(Like this on Amazon).If you only buy it because that your daily use, buy it on amazon. Over there are numerous brands the tungsten rings that you have the right to trust. Like King it will have tungsten rings.Click right here to watch the an option of Kill will certainly tungsten rings here.You have actually no trouble with that. If you want to know an ext about the tungsten ring ofKill, this write-up is because that you:Are Kill"s Tungsten ring Good?

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