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In the story of Cinderella , a young mrs who has actually lost her parents is required to live v her cruel stepmother and also stepsisters. After Cinderella is left behind when the others walk to the Prince"s ball, her fairy godmother fashions a exorbitant gown and glass slippers for her along...

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In the story that Cinderella, a young woman who has lost her parents is compelled to live with her cruel stepmother and also stepsisters. After ~ Cinderella is left behind when the others walk to the Prince"s ball, she fairy godmother fashions a wonderful gown and glass slippers for her together with a carriage and also attendants to take she to the palace. However, the stipulation is the she need to leave before midnight or all the magical alters will go back to the way they were. Cinderella and also the Prince space attracted to each other, but the clock starts to strike midnight therefore Cinderella is compelled to flee. ~ above the method out, among her slippers drops off, and the slipper is the method by i m sorry the Prince is able to search for her and find her.

Your objection come the slipper falling turn off is valid. If the slippers room magical and also created particularly for Cinderella, they should not have actually fallen off at all. Alternatively, if they were hard and slippery because they space made of glass, it makes an ext sense that both of castle would autumn off once she starts to run and not just one. Additionally, due to the fact that they space made that glass, we might ask why castle don"t break as soon as she do the efforts to run in them.

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In fact, there is no logical reason why one slipper drops off once Cinderella operation away. This is a plot device, likewise known together a plot mechanism, which can be characterized as one object, character, or technique whose sole function is to drive the plot forward. If Cinderella go not shed her slipper, the Prince cannot discover her, and so shedding the slipper, but snugly it could have fit, is necessary in stimulate to take the following step in the story. Since losing the slipper is for this reason integral come the plot of the Cinderella story, most people don"t even question it. That is interesting that you have done so, however within the logic of the story, there is no various other explanation because that it.