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If you"re an avid house baker, you could wonder how countless slices that bread room in a loaf. We"ll talk yield and perfect cutting tips.

Bread fresh the end of the oven is just one of the simple pleasures the life. It’s a healthier choice to store-bought bread, and also is unbeatable for making sensational sandwiches that will placed a smile on everyone’s face. Relying on your recipe, you’ll frequently get a slightly different number of slices every loaf. Here’s whatever you have to know prior to you begin slicing.

How big Is a usual Slice that Bread?

Your conventional slice that store-bought sandwich bread clocks in at around 1 ounce per slice. One 8×4-sized homemade loaf will yield about 12 1-ounce slices when a 9×5 serves roughly 16 slices.

When you’re baking bread native scratch, the procedure can it is in tricky. Make certain you bookmark our overview to baking bread for an ext tips and tricks.

How to part Homemade Bread

I roasted bread at least once a week, and also over the years, I’ve identified a few useful tricks. Prior to you break out your bread knife, make certain your homemade loaf has cooled completely. Don’t be tempted to reduced it best away! offer it at the very least an hour or two prior to you start slicing. There’s no denying the a cool loaf is easier to slice.

Find you yourself struggling no to squish your bread as you’re cutting the loaf? shot turning the on come its side prior to you begin sawing. It makes for much much easier cutting, particularly for crusty homemade bread. If you bake bread on the regular, investing in a bread slicer favor this will certainly make every the difference in getting perfect slices every time.

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Ready to placed your bread making an abilities to the test? examine out our best-ever homemade bread recipes.