If you arrangement on to buy a cage for a solitary budgie (parakeet) you will need a 5500-6000 cubic inch cage. A cage for 2 budgies will need to have actually an inner volume of 9000-10000 cubic inches. And for 3 budgies a 11000-12000 cubic customs cage will suffice. If you arrangement on keeping much more than 3 budgies, please refer to the budgie cage size calculator located above to calculation the forced size.

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As you probably already know the most important thing to consider when picking a cage because that a budgie is the inner size of the cage. Also though budgies room a reasonably small bird, castle still require a larger cage than some civilization are cause believe. Getting a large enough cage for her budgie will go a long way towards providing them through a happy and also stress free life.

For the well being of her bird, obtaining a cage that allows your budgie come fly and move approximately freely is vital. This is particularly true if you intend to leave her budgie in their cage for most of the day.

A good sized cage will allow a budgie come make two or an ext wing beats, so they have the right to stretch your wings and fly. Giving a budgie a huge enough cage will enable them to gain some exercise, even if you are not in ~ home. If on the other hand you setup to let your budgie external of their cage for part exercise for 2 or more hours a day. Climate in that situation you might have the ability to get away with obtaining a slightly smaller sized cage.

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Best Parakeet Cage because that 1 BirdBest Parakeet Cage because that 2 BirdsBest Parakeet Cage because that 3 BirdsBest Parakeet Cage for 4 Birds

Best Parakeet Cage for 1 Bird

Geo Bird Cage because that Parakeets


The Geo Bird Cage from Omlet (Buy Online) is a beautiful bird cage through a distinct geodesic architecture . The dome shape is solid and light, and it also provides ample interior space for a single budgie. It additionally comes with an optional wood stand, lightproof cover, and also bird bath.

Best Parakeet Cage because that 2 Birds

Prevue Hendryx Signature Select series Wrought stole Bird Cage


The Prevue Hendryx Signature Select series Wrought iron Bird Cage (Small) is the perfect size cage for two budgies. The inner dimensions of the cage are 18″ together X 18″ W 31.5″ H. At 10,206 cubic inch the volume the this cage more than meets the encourage 9,720 cubic inches compelled for two budgies.

The cage comes with 4 stainless steel cup to host food and also water. The cage additionally comes through two solid timber perches, one of which can be an installed in the cage and the various other on the pat top. The sturdy steel pull the end litter tray provides this cage a breeze to clean. And the flared out seed safety will aid contain any type of messes your budgies may try to make.

Budgies will additionally love having accessibility to the spacious play optimal area as soon as you let them outside of their cage. The play top has a large staircase and also a perch. The perch is designed to organize two that the had bowls therefore the budgies deserve to have access to food and water whether they space inside or external of their cage.

The Prevue Hendryx Signature Select collection cages space all an extremely easy to move, due to the fact that they come with built in casters. The casters do cleaning up inside and also around the cage a much more enjoyable experience. And also if friend desire the casters administer a convenient method to move the cage native room to room.

Best Parakeet Cage because that 3 Birds

A&E Cage company 20″ X 20″ Play top Bird Cage, Black


The A&E Cage firm 20″ X 20″ Play top Bird Cage is a good sized cage for three budgies. The internal dimensions the this cage space 20″ together X 20″ W 30″ H. The 12,000 cubic customs volume that this cage meets the 11,500 cubic customs cage size that is recommended for three budgies.

This cage comes through two stainless steel feeder cup that can be placed in the cage by the 2 easy access feeder doors. 2 solid timber perches are additionally included, one perch have the right to be an installed in the cage and the other is supplied to prop open the pat top once it’s in usage . This cage likewise has a very big front door so girlfriend can quickly reach right into the cage to access your birds or anything else inside their cage.

The two large doors on top of the cage permit your budgies to move easily from inside the cage come the top of the cage. The spacious play height perch will conveniently hold 3 or more budgies. And also when not in usage the play top nicely folds back into the cage.

The consisted of stand comes with a warehouse shelf and built in casters. The casters will make it straightforward to move the cage if need be. And also the warehouse shelf offers a nice place to keep bird food and any other accessories to store them out of the way.

Best Parakeet Cage for 4 Birds

A&E Cage agency 24″ X 22″ Play height Bird Cage


The A&E Cage firm 24″ X 22″ Play top Bird Cage is the perfect dimension cage for keeping four budgies. The interior dimensions of the cage space 24″ l X 22″ W 29″ H. In ~ 15,312 cubic customs the volume of this cage almost exactly matches the 15,300 cubic customs cage size recommended to comfortable house 4 budgies.

The cage come with three stainless steel feeder cups, and also it has three easy access swing the end feeder doors. Two solid timber perches also come with this cage. One perch is made to be an installed in the cage, and the various other perch is component of the play top support framework . The cage has actually a huge floor come ceiling former door, which will administer you through a means to get quick access to all over in the cage.

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The play top on this cage is composed of 2 ladders a perch and also a toy hook. The 2 ladders space curved and also cross the whole cage from front come back. The huge perch can conveniently hold 4 budgies, and also it has actually two spots to host water and food bowls. The beat hook is an additional nice feature of this cage, the hook will certainly be a good location to hang her budgies favorite treats or toys.

The A&E 24” X 22” Play optimal Bird cage also comes through a an extremely sturdy tray and also removable seeds guards. An additional nice function of this cage is the tray located on the height of the cage. When any kind of birds space using the play top, this tray will certainly keep any type of droppings indigenous falling right into the food and water bowls or onto other birds in the cage. And also if you ever need to move the cage, the stand is an extremely portable thanks to the constructed in casters.