New York City’s board of wellness recently approved mayor Bloomberg’s proposal to border the sizes of sweetened beverages. The regulation restricts the revenue of sugary drinks larger than 16 ounces. Here I track the supersizing the beverages and also why that is time to go back to normal sizes.

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Here is my recent blog short article for Huffington Post.


New York City’s board of health recently approved market Bloomberg’s proposal to limit the size of sweetened beverages. The regulation restricts the sale of sugary drinks larger than 16 ounces in restaurants, movie theaters, sporting activities arenas and also delis.

I released an opinion item in assistance of the proposal because that the brand-new York day-to-day News.My piece, “Smaller sodas, healthier lives” deserve to be uncovered here.

As i write: “This campaign makes sense at a time once the debate about soaring medical costs has taken center stage in the presidential election. Obesity is estimated to price $190 exchange rate a year.… The mayor’s proposal walk nothing an ext than waver the pendulum ago in favor of more modest food portions.

Those portions have increased steadily end the years, so much so that we have actually grown accustomed to oversize portions and have pertained to expect them.

Portion size are currently two to 5 times bigger than they were in the 1950s.”

.Just how huge have food parts become? The timeline below, i m sorry is based upon my research in my book The section Teller Plan, highlights just how our frame of reference has shifted.

Select days in the Supersizing that American fountain Drinks

1954 citizens King provides a 12-oz tiny and 16-oz large soda.

1955 McDonald’s uses a 7-oz soda.

1961 McDonald’s to add 12-oz soda.

1962 McDonald’s to add 16-oz soda.

1973 McDonald’s to add 21-oz soda.

1988 McDonald’s introduce 32-oz Super-Size.

1989 Wendy’s to add the Super value Menu consisting of Biggie


1999 McDonald’s introduces 42-oz Super-Size.The 32-oz Super-Size is downgraded to Large.

2001 burgess King introduce a 42-oz King soda.

2004 McDonald’s phases the end the 42-oz Super-Size.The largest size is the 32-oz Large.

2006 Wendy’s add the 42-oz big size.

Wendy’s fall the ax Biggie because that its 32-oz soda, calling the Medium.

2007 McDonald’s provides a promotion of the 42 oz Hugo (previously dubbed Super Size).

2011 KFC introduce the 64-oz Mega Jug.

2012 follow to agency websites, the complying with sizes are currently available:

McDonald’s: 12-oz Kids, 16-oz Small, 21-oz Medium, and also 32-oz Large.

Burger King: 16-oz Value, 20-oz Small, 30-oz Medium, 40-oz Large.

KFC: 16-oz Small, 20-oz Medium, 30-oz Large, and also 64-oz Mega Jug.

Wendy’s: 12-oz Kids, 16oz Value, 20-oz Small, 30-oz Medium, 40-oz Large.

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As I wrote in the NY day-to-day News, “Bloomberg is no banning the sale of soda. No one is he informing consumers the they can not drink soda. Rather, he is calling attention to exactly how much is a reasonable amount to drink in ~ a time. 16 ounces is certainly much more than reasonable — a full pint of street water. Instead of the town hall this as a ban, let’s view it as an attempt to reset the norm for just how much soda truly constitutes an appropriate portion.

.It is now time to go back to the more reasonable size of the past, when weight problems rates were lot lower. Offered the health results and enormous price of our weight problems epidemic, restricting large sizes that unhealthy sugary beverages is terrific place come begin.

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