(a) What is the mass, in grams, the $2.50 imes 10^-3$ mol of ammonium phosphate?(b) How many moles the chloride ions are in $0.2550 mathrm~g$ of aluminum chloride?(c) What is the mass, in grams, the $7.70 imes 10^20$ molecules of caffeine, $mathrmC_8 mathrmH_10 mathrm~N_4 mathrmO_2 ?$(d) What is the molar fixed of cholesterol if $0.00105 mathrm~mol$ weighs $0.406 mathrm~g$ ?

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good job in this question we will be solving for the quantities. Ask. So, very first we have solving for mass in grams offered the mall of ammonium phosphate. For this reason MAz is same to many times smaller sized mass of ammonia phosphate space the full of atomic boss is provided in the compound. Therefore substituting we have 2.5 time 10 come the -3 moles time's D stomach mom mass that I'm on your first feet i m sorry is 149 to be here and also nine g to be mold. Thus our mass is same to .37 g. I'm one you first grade. Following we will be addressing for the variety of schools of chloride ions. So many is same to mass over smaller must we are given the mass below of suggest 255 serial grubs. Um um aluminium gloried. For this reason aluminum chloride as the molar massive of 133 points 34 ram sperm alone. 133.34 grams per mole. Therefore in this we will certainly be we will certainly be acquiring the most of Aluminium Chloride 1st. So this will give us 1.912. I'm was standing to the an adverse three moles aluminium. Every right, no resolving for a. D. Most of cl we have actually 1.912 ns stand top top the -3 moles. ALC. L. Three where one mole that A L. C. L. Three has actually three wall surfaces of cf. Therefore our shopping mall C L. Is equal to 5.74 Time was standing to the -3 shopping center cl next for command three. Watch we are asked come Seoul because that the fixed in grams. Yes, really given number of molecules the caffeine. So very first we must solve because that the variety of most the caffeine. It's a variety of most is same to the variety of molecules divided by the avago resolve number substituting. We have seven point serial time 10 come the negative. I m really sorry to that. To that Wendy molecules divided by 6.0- two. Ns understand. To the 23 molecules. Right moral. Therefore our mole caffeine is same to 1.278. Come the -3 molly. No marketed me for the massive of caffeine is equal to moore's time's d smaller mass that caffeine to be given an ext that we acquired 1.2786. I understand. Come the an adverse three moles types the mauler months of caffeine i beg your pardon is 194.22 from feather ball. The mass is same to good 248 grams coffee. And also lastly we have solving because that the solar massive of cholesterol. So an ext of us is the issue in between the mass and the variety of moles substituting through the gift. And We have much the .4 or 6 g divided by 100105 molly.

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Therefore Mueller mass of cholesterol is same to 386.7 grabs her moan. Give thanks to you