The west coastline of the U.S. Is normally where you can discover the cheapest flights come Hawaii.

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And in enhancement to Seattle and also Portland, California is wherein you can find a few more airports v flights to Hawaii.

How to figure out the best Hawaiian island come visit

One of the hardest parts around planning a Hawaii vacation is picking an island.

Here’s room some travel guide to figuring the end what island in Hawaii come choose!

Map that California airports with flight time come Hawaii

Explore the map of flight from California to Hawaii below! once you click an icon, it will tell you the approximated time from that California airport to Hawaii. If you’re coming from Pinterest mobile, an initial open this page up in your net browser, climate click the map below!


Side note! If you\"ll it is in snorkeling ~ above your next vacation, consider wearing these varieties of UV swimming shirts, and also see part snorkeling essentials for Hawaii. And also for Hawaii vacation ideas, see great short hikes on Oahu with ocean views, and good scenic drives to plan on Maui, and good areas to visit together you circle the large Island, and also great coastal hikes ~ above the quiet island that Lanai!

So, how much is Hawaii indigenous California once it involves flight time?

In short, a trip to Hawaii from California is 5.5 hrs to 6 hrs long.

Let’s take it a look at how long the trip to Hawaii is from various California airports.

This watch at significant California airports the fly to Honolulu Airport.

Flight times can vary, but this is just how long the trip time is detailed as it reflects up top top a Hawaiian Airlines flight search.

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To arrangement a Hawaii vacation, have actually a look at at how much does it expense to walk to Hawaii for part tips to conserve money!


2,458 miles

SMF to HNL: 5h 40m


2,402 miles

OAK come HNL: 5h 30m

San Francisco

2,393 miles

SFO come HNL: 5h 30m

San Jose

2,412 miles

SJC to HNL: 5h 35m

Los Angeles

2,558 miles

LAX come HNL: 5h 50m

San Diego

2,607 miles

SAN come HNL: 6h 5m


How much does it expense to walk to Hawaii?

When is the cheapest time to fly to Hawaii?

Best shoes because that your active vacation

Hit find at the top for any type of of this items come get an ext variety top top Amazon with these affiliate links! - Walking: These types of long sandals. Because that walking in warm weather, lock are an ext breathable than shoes, when still providing you important traction on the trails. Likewise see more about the ideal shoes for hiking in Hawaii. - Beach: These varieties of coast shoes. Because that beach walking, wading in the water, and rocky shorelines, they deserve to prevent cut from concealed rocks or once bumping right into coral reef.

Swimwear because that snorkeling and beach

- these UV security shirts are a struggle so girlfriend don\"t need to keep re-applying sunscreen and don\"t have actually to worry as much about getting sunburn! see more: - What come wear long - Snorkeling essentials because that Hawaii - What to wear top top a cruise formal night an ext Hawaii travel tips: - OAHU: -- Oahu take trip planning map -- 3 job Oahu itinerary -- 2 main Oahu itinerary -- best short hikes ~ above Oahu with amazing views - huge ISLAND: -- large Island take trip planning map -- 7 day large Island itinerary -- best beach hikes ~ above the huge Island with remarkable views