Whether you’re making use of our standard Pots or our Transplant-inators, you can be asking how much floor mix or various other mediums you will certainly need. So…

…We’ve done the math for you!

We recognize that planning your grow has a most calculations. Hope the chart listed below will help save a few minutes. This our are own calculations based upon the actual dimensions of Grassroots cloth Pots, rather than loosely based on the approximate gallon size.

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The calculations additionally assume the entire pot will be filled through soil.

Grassroots standard Fabric Pot SizesVolume/Soil Calculations1 cu yd fills how numerous pots?Approx GalDimensionsCubic FeetCubic Yards… in decimals… in fountain (rounded)
3 festival Classic10″d x 8″ h0.360.01374.374 1/4
5 gal Classic12″d x 9.5″h0.620.0243.443 2/4
7 festival Classic14″d x 10″h0.890.0330.330 1/4
10 festival Classic16″d x 12″h1.400.0519.319 1/4
15 festival Classic18″d x 14″h2.060.0813.113
30 gal Classic24″d x 16″h4.190.166.46 2/4
45 festival Classic27″d x 18″h5.960.224.54 2/4
65 gal Classic32″d x 18″h8.370.313.23 1/4
100 gal Classic38″d x 20″h13.120.492.12
150 gal Classic45″d x 22″h20.240.751.31 1/4
200 gal Classic50″d x 24″h27.261.011.01
300 gal Classic60″d x 24″h39.251.45.73/4
400 gal Classic70″d x 24″h53.421.98.52/4
500 gal Classic80″d x 24″h69.782.58.42/4
600 gal Classic84″d x 24″h76.932.85.41/4
30 gal Shorty soil Saver30″d x 10″h4.090.156.66 2/4
45 gal Shorty floor Saver32″d x 14″h6.510.244.14 1/4
65 festival Shorty floor Saver38″d x 14″h9.180.342.93
100 festival Shorty soil Saver45″d x 14″h12.880.482.12
200 gal Shorty soil Saver65″d x 14″h26.871.0011
300 gal Shorty soil Saver80″d x 14″h40.701.51.663/4
400 festival Shorty floor Saver87″d x 16″h55.022.04.491/2
1 festival Transplant‐inator7″x7″ x 6″h0.170.01158.7158 3/4
5 festival Transplant‐inator11″x11″ x 10″h0.700.0338.638 2/4
15 Transplant‐inator16″x16″ x 14″h2.070.0813.013
4×4 increased Bed46″w x 46″l x 1.5’h22.040.821.221 2/9
4×8 raised Bed46″‘w x 94″l x 1.5’h45.041.67.603/5
4×16 elevated Bed4’w x 16’l x 1.5’h96.003.56.282/8

*Note: 4×4 and 4×8 elevated beds room 2 inches smaller to fit right into a 4×4 or 4×8 tray.


We would certainly love to help answer any questions girlfriend have. If you room purchasing some custom sizes and your dimensions aren’t noted here, offer us a call: (916) 822-2177.