The following Fallout video game – autumn 76 – has just to be announced. Yet what lies inside Vault 76? turns out we had actually the answer a complete three years ago, as soon as then-resident soothsayer Steve got the scoop top top not just that, but the materials of Vaults 1 through 111. Therefore why wait for E3? role this means to obtain the answers right now…

Vaults! when the nukes dropped on the fallout universe, mankind slithered into numerous these life-sustaining, radiation-proof vaults, unaware that the sinister corporation charged with structure the things had actually a hidden agenda. Vault-Tec used these underground bunkers to lug out bizarre sociological experiment on their unwitting residents, play them off versus one an additional in sick power games or pumping your air supply full of psychosis compounds.

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Fallout 4 has acquired literal oodles of formerly unknown vaults to discover and explore. And would you understand it, i just occur to have an exhaustive list of the materials of every one. Exactly how did i come across this exclude, dossier? Well, between you and also me, let’s simply say i made them all up in a regrettable afternoon’s work, realising too late that i hadn’t the patience or ability to acquire to 111, nor the modicum the shame forced to take into consideration not posting the thing as it is.

Right, below you go. Sorry.

Vault 1: simply spiders, a vault filled shin-deep v spiders. Anybody that complains about or mentions the there room spiders everywhere or remarks the it’s difficult to eat cereal without likewise shovelling spoonfuls the writhing spiders right into your mouth is automatically banished native the vault.

Vault 2: Populated totally by refugees native the spider vault. Inhabitants must location their hands on their hips once a day and shout “I to be so glad there space no spiders right here in Vault 2, the spiderless vault that ns love.”

Vault 3: Very, an extremely slowly spinning vault. Nobody really notices.

Vault 4: Upside-down vault.

Vault 5: Inside-out vault. All other vaults space technically had within this vault.

Vault 6: Isometric vault. No ceilings. No northwest- or northeast-facing walls.

Vault 7: Big-head mode vault.

Vault 8: Every vault resides is arbitrarily assigned a number top top entry. Five years into the experiment a pre-recorded fart sound will certainly play across the vault and a voice will say “ooooh, who did that substantial fart, i bet it to be resident number 71, that smells prefer poo and also is a large idiot”.

Vault 9: Ceilings are a pair of inches lower here.


Vault 10: No forks.

Vault 11: Very couple of forks.

Vault 12: One big fork everybody has to share.

Vault 13: Spooky vault.

Vault 14: The rooms of this vault are laid the end such that as soon as viewed from over they spell the end the sentence “HOW COME IN THE film UNBREAKABLE BRUCE WILLIS meet HIS ONE WEAKNESS, that IS, DROWNING, IN precise HIS very first ATTEMPT to KNOWINGLY usage HIS powers OF INVULNERABILITY because that GOOD?”

Vault 15: No girl allowed.

Vault 16: only girls allowed.

Vault 17: just Girls big allowed.

Vault 18: identical B*Witched vault.

Vault 19: Overseer is a cool robot dog that skateboards around the vault making sure everybody is having a fun time.

Vault 20: Overseer is an upset robot dog who rollerblades about the vault belching knockout gas.


Vault 21: Something really clever assumed up by somebody with a ideal university degree in social studies or psychology or something, in which positions of government in the vault space arbitrarily assigned and also then disorder is fomented through, i don’t know, the unfair circulation of wealth? How about that? that sounds alright. Great vault.

Vault 22:Slippery ice physics vault.

Vault 23: This vault’s PA device is constantly play 1981 fight ‘Pull as much as The Bumper’ ~ above an unlimited loop, till after several years the residents can no longer notification or recognise that the chart-topping brand-new wave club anthem is filling the air about them. When finally released ago into the wastelands however, the overpowering lack of grace Jone’s thinly veiled ode come doing it in the bum cd driver the vault dwellers into bumper-deprived madness.

Vault 24: similar to Vault 23, except with the ‘Here Come The Girls’ song from the Boots ads instead.

Vault 25: Overseer is a trusted woman called Georgia who’s always there come help.

Vault 26: includes a bee.

Vault 27: castle sellotaped biscuits to the undersides of all of the chairs in this one to check out what happens.

Vault 28: has a “rumpus room”.

Vault 29: every little thing a breakfast nook is, this vault is just one enormous breakfast nook.


Vault 30: The human with the fullest and juiciest lips is elected as Overseer. As soon as a month a big syringe filled with lip-fattening saline solution descends from a ceiling high above a wrestles ring next to a ladder.

Vault 31: attributes the longest Scalextric track of any vault.

Vault 32: A slightly an ext than average variety of the vault dwellers are called Adam, which unsettles everybody in a method they can not quite put their finger on.

Vault 33: Populated completely by human being who feel the require to point out potassium any type of time someone is eat a banana. Yeah, we get it, that’s the one point everybody knows around bananas. Get a grip.

Vault 34: Spiders again.

Vault 35: Spiders.

Vault 36: Spiders.

Vault 37: Ohhhh, it’s spiders.

Vault 38: everybody in this vault is told, daily, the dogs can drive cars now. “Dogs deserve to drive cars now,” the dwellers will often be heard saying to one another. “The human being has adjusted and now a dog can drive a car,” is one more thing you could overhear. When the job finally concerns leave the vault, one animatronic dog will certainly drive a automobile past the vault entrance and none the the vault dwellers will find this strange. “The civilization is just as we expected,” they will certainly murmur. In ~ this allude the Overseer will jump out from behind a rock and also say, “you idiots, dogs can’t drive cars, us made the up”.

Vault 39: Tasked with structure an animatronic dog that have the right to drive a car really briefly because that the functions of one more experiment.


Vault 40: anyone gets smashed through a large hammer on the way in, together a society experiment to watch what wake up when large hammers just start smashing human being to bits.

Vault 41: Shaped favor a gigantic bowl so that all the dwellers at some point tumble into a big helpless heap at the bottom that the vault.

Vault 42: The only type of entertainment is the final third of one illustration of the Clangers, the one whereby the soup dragon gets well broody and the clangers space all favor “hey dude, chill the eff out we’re on the moon, what is her actual beef.”

Vault 43: Friday night is burrito night in vault 43, otherwise everything is the same.

Vault 44: residents are only allowed to speak in Simpsons quotes.

Vault 45: occupants are only allowed to speak in Moe (from The Simpsons) quotes.

Vault 46: inhabitants are only permitted to speak in estimates from season three, episode ten the The Simpsons, ‘Flaming Moe’s’.


Vault 47: allow me some more spider vaults.

Vault 48: This is the 2nd last spider vault.

Vault 49: The final spider vault.

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Vault 50: together residents an initial enter the vault, the Overseer look at at every one in turn and says one of two people “yes” or “no”. She never describes the criteria on which the dwellers room being judged, and no further distinction is ever before made between those inhabitants who had had “yes” claimed to them and also those who had actually heard “no”. Some discovered the an enig mildly annoying, however the strange introduction is conveniently forgotten about and life eventually continues as normal. 2 years in the vault fills v spiders.