Frank Anthony Iero was born on October 31st, 1981 (making him a Scorpio), in Belleville, new Jersey. Not many people know just how to say his last name, i m sorry is effectively pronounced "eye-year-oh".

frank is 5"4"" and has hazel eyes v a dark drown natural hair shade (now dyed black). He thrived up with his mom, Linda, who divorced his dad (a great influence come him over the years). Similar to fellow band mate Gerard Way, he has been play in bands because he to be eleven. Frank visited a catholic school growing up, he was bullied in high school, he saw Rutgers university on a scholarship, but dropped out to join My chemistry Romance. Open minded married his childhood sweetheard Jamia Nestor in march 2008 and he came to be the proud dad of pair baby girl in September 2010.

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My chemistry Romance

He right now is the valuation guitarist because that My chemistry Romance, and is the youngest member of the band. He was recruited after the band made decision they needed another guitarist (in addition to ray Toro) to fill out the sound. He additionally dropped the end of university (and an additional band, Pencey Prep, scroll down for more) to pursue the band full time. Prior to he started playing through My chemical Romance. Before joining my Chemical romance Frank fronted Pencey Prep, he previouslly has additionally played through the bands Hybrid, sector 12, and Give increase the Ghost. At the time when he joined My chemical Romance, he had actually dreadlocks. Candid plays an Epiphone Elitist Les Paul practice guitar v an Alpine White finish, amongst others. Frank has a penchant for naming his guitars such together "Texas", "Bela", "Sinatra", "Angel" and the one ideal known by pan was "Pansy". The demise of "Pansy" was long attributed to an unfortunate MTV Tech yet it was later on revealed that Frank had broken the guitar himself. Candid still has actually what is left of "Pansy".

Body Art

Frank has a many tattoos, he has the word "HALLOWEEN" tattooed on his fingers, a Jack O Lantern on his back, "Keep the Faith" ~ above his top back, the letters "N.J." within his lip was standing for brand-new Jersey, "I wish ns were a ghost" around his appropriate wrist, a dove ~ above his left lower chest, an anchor top top the lower component of his right bicep through an "N" and also "J" on one of two people side, a large chest piece, a scorpion on the appropriate side of his neck and portraits that his grandparents top top both arms to name yet a few. Frank revealed in Life ~ above The killing Scene the he gained the scorpion tattoo as high up on his body together he might once he decided that he didn’t desire a real job.

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Prone come Injuries

He unfortunately has actually suffered from Bronchitis and ear infections, and two broken toes, 4 chipped teeth, lacerations come hands, knees, and also his head, many contusions and bruises, and endured a nasty instance of mono. Alas, he still smokes.


Some that his favourite bands room Black Flag, American Nightmare, The Bouncing Souls, and The Beastie Boys. Candid loves analysis books, specifically the bother Potter series. The admires billy Joe Armstrong (front man of the punk band eco-friendly Day) so much he learned to play etc by imitating him. He also plans on to buy a guitar that looks prefer Billie Joe"s. Frank’s favorite movies are Tim Burton’s Nightmare before Christmas, Rushmore, and The Texas Chainsaw Massacre. He likewise once expressed a desire to satisfy Tim Burton. The loves dogs and has countless to display it (at last count he had 12), the prefers sunsets to sunrise and claims he supplied to go for strolls in cemeteries claiming, "It’s very peaceful."

Side Projects

Frank has actually his own apparel line, document label, and also publishing agency called Skeleton Crew. The is additionally the frontman that the band LeATHERMOUTH, and is involved in a tribute band to The Cure dubbed The Love Cats.


"This is a band the will conserve your life.""I would day Gerard.""I can"t imagine any type of other bands having better kids than ours, and also if they execute at least I recognize our youngsters can beat up your kids.""I"m entirely f-in" bummed around the "Ghost of You" leak. If you check out a site with a link to the video, you re welcome don"t watch it. Don"t send the out. Don"t look in ~ screencaps. It"s not FINISHED YET!""If i revealed my secret identity, the people would go to shit."Camera Man: "Can"t take care of with that."Frank: "Hmmm, you should a open up mind mine friend.""Oh, one time we gained held hostage!”"We"ve mutilated, killed and disemboweled absent "n" roll clichés!”"My greatest addictions have actually been cacao cake, mashed potatoes, and butter sandwiches.”"I burn everything and call it Cajun.”"Really ns don"t understand anything other than Jersey. I like the dirtiness that it. Currently I"m gaining to see the world, and it"s great, however it"s not far better than Jersey"Camera man: "Did you read the new Ellen Degeneres book?"Frank: "Yeah."Camera man: "What did girlfriend think?"Frank: "It do me a fucking lesbian!"