This section covers permutations and also combinations.

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Arranging Objects

The variety of ways of arranging n unlike objects in a heat is n! (pronounced ‘n factorial’). N! = n × (n – 1) × (n – 2) ×…× 3 × 2 × 1


How countless different ways have the right to the letter P, Q, R, S be arranged?

The answer is 4! = 24.

This is due to the fact that there are 4 spaces to be filled: _, _, _, _

The very first space have the right to be to fill by any kind of one the the four letters. The second space can be fill by any of the staying 3 letters. The third space can be filled by any type of of the 2 remaining letters and also the final space must it is in filled by the one remaining letter. The total number of possible kinds is as such 4 × 3 × 2 × 1 = 4!

The variety of ways that arranging n objects, the which p of one type are alike, q that a second kind are alike, r of a third form are alike, etc is:

n! .p! q! r! …


In how many ways can the letters in the word: STATISTICS be arranged?

There room 3 S’s, 2 I’s and also 3 T’s in this word, therefore, the number of ways of arranging the letters are:

10!=50 4003! 2! 3!

Rings and Roundabouts

The number of ways that arranging n unequal objects in a ring when clockwise and also anticlockwise kinds are different is (n – 1)!

When clockwise and also anti-clockwise arrangements space the same, the variety of ways is ½ (n – 1)!


Ten human being go come a party. How many different ways have the right to they it is in seated?

Anti-clockwise and also clockwise arrangements are the same. Therefore, the total variety of ways is ½ (10-1)! = 181 440


The number of ways of selecting r objects native n uneven objects is:



There are 10 balls in a bag numbered from 1 come 10. Three balls space selected in ~ random. How numerous different means are over there of choosing the 3 balls?

10C3 =10!=10 × 9 × 8= 120 3! (10 – 3)!3 × 2 × 1


A permutation is an ordered arrangement.

The variety of ordered arrangements of r objects taken native n unequal objects is:

nPr = n! . (n – r)!


In the enhance of the Day’s score of the month competition, you had to choose the peak 3 goals out the 10. Due to the fact that the bespeak is important, it is the permutation formula which us use.

10P3 =10! 7!

= 720

There are therefore 720 different ways of picking the peak three goals.


The above facts deserve to be supplied to aid solve problems in probability.


In the nationwide Lottery, 6 number are preferred from 49. You victory if the 6 balls girlfriend pick match the 6 balls selected by the machine. What is the probability of winning the nationwide Lottery?

The number of ways of picking 6 number from 49 is 49C6 = 13 983 816 .

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Therefore the probability of win the lottery is 1/13983816 = 0.000 000 071 5 (3sf), i m sorry is around a 1 in 14 million chance.