We just commemorated Easter, but what happened after the Resurrection of Jesus? The first three of the 4 biblical spring festivals took location in so late March; those holidays are Passover, Feast the Unleavened Bread, and also the Feast of very first Fruits. The last spring festival is well-known as Pentecost. Between the fatality of Jesus in ~ Passover and also the giving of the divine Spirit, 50 job passed. Let’s take it a look at the events in between.

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3 work after the fatality of Jesus

The Resurrection: Jesus increased from the dead! an earthquake hit, climate an point of view of the lord rolled far the stone door to the tomb and also sat on it. The roman guards witnessed this event. Matthew 28:1-4

The point of view Announcement: as soon as Mary Magdalen and also the other women arrived on the tomb to anoint the human body with flavors they were met by one angel. The angel told them the Jesus had risen! The angel also instructed them come tell the disciples what they had actually seen. (Matthew 28:5-8)

Jesus showed up to mar Magdalene: As mary sat weeping at the tomb, Jesus showed up to her. Afterward, she ran to tell the practical worker what she had actually seen. (John 20:11-18)

The disciples Peter and also John raced to the tomb. Upon arriving they found it simply as the women had said. Jesus had risen! (John 20:1-10)

The guards Reported: When the guards told the chief priests what had actually happened they to be instructed come lie, informing others that the disciples had stolen the human body of Jesus. (Matthew 28:11-15)

40 job after the Resurrection the Jesus

Road to Emmaus: 2 of Jesus’ followers left Jerusalem come return home to Emmaus. On the way, they were met through Jesus, however, they did not identify Him at first. After ~ they had actually dinner together, Jesus revealed come them who He was. Jesus left them and also they returned to Jerusalem come tell the hands-on worker what they had seen. (Luke 24:13-35)

Jesus appeared to 10 Disciples: together the disciples gathered, other than Thomas, Jesus appeared to them and taught them. (John 20:19-25)

Jesus appeared to 11 Disciples: This time as soon as Jesus appeared to the Disciples, cutting board was there and felt Jesus’ hands and also side. (John 20:26-30)

Jesus showed up to 7 Disciples: While 7 of the disciples to be at the Sea the Tiberias Jesus appeared to them. They had a meal and Peter was provided special instructions. (John 21:1-19)

Jesus showed up to Others: After showing up several times to the Disciples, Jesus appeared to a crowd of over 500. (I Corinthians 15:6)

The an excellent Commission: later on when Jesus showed up to the Eleven, he instructed them come preach the Gospel and disciple others. He also instructed them to wait in Jerusalem for the divine Spirit. (Mark 16:14-18, action 1:1-8)

The Ascension: After Jesus offered His Disciples final instructions he ascended into heaven. (Acts 1:9-11)

7 work after the Ascension of Jesus

The offering of the holy Spirit: On the job of Pentecost, the holy Spirit was poured the end on the Disciples and also those with them. They immediately began informing others about Jesus.

In the 50 days after Jesus’ death, countless things took place.

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Jesus associated with His Disciples and His followers, providing them encouragement and instructions.

Many times, us celebrate the Resurrection and also we relocate on not realizing over there is an ext to the story. What if this year us were much more intentional and took the time in between Easter and Pentecost (May 30, 2021) to attach with others? What if each day we connect with a various person simply to encourage them? Let’s make this year between now and Pentecost counting for eternity!