There are 365 days in a year. Multiply this by ten to find outhow many days are in ten years.

365 X 10 = 3650

There is one other thing to remember. Every four years, thereare 366 days in a year. (We call this a leap year.) In a ten yearperiod, there are at least two leap years, and at most there arethree leap years. So we need to add 2 or 3 days to our ten yeartotal.

3650 + 2 = 3652

3650 + 3 = 3653

So, in ten years, there are either 3652 or 3653 days.

There"s also the possibility that a 10 year span will only have1 leap year... As 1900 wasn"t a leap year, then from 1897 to 1906there was only 1904 as a leap year, thus 3650+1=3651

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