Italy, Venice - may 2014Italy intends to offer the island the Poveglia top top an virtual auction for buyers from about the world. Venetians are not agree.The island that Poveglia, in the Venetian Lagoon, was used to home black plague victims in the 14th century.Aerial view of Venice. Island Poveglia. | Keine Weitergabe an Wiederverkäufer.

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Many world have the same question that, exactly how many countries name ending with land ? i tried to cover this inquiry in this article. And I think you are at a right place to acquire the correct answer.

How plenty of countries name are finishing with floor ?

There are total 11 nations in the world that space actually finishing with land.

There space so plenty of countries name ending with land. However, personal of these countries name that finish with land; there are countless islands that additionally ends v land.

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Here is the complete list of nations ending v land.

PolandFinlandIcelandThailandGreenlandSwazilandNew ZealandSwitzerlandEnglandNetherlandsIreland

Although as i have earlier told you there are countless islands the are likewise ending through land. Have actually a look, through the means i have also naming the countries name as well. I typical i to be mixing every the countries and islands that are ending with land.

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Islands that are not enabled to visit

Åland IslandsPolandFinlandIcelandIrelandFalkland IslandsThailandGreenlandSwazilandNetherlandsNetherlands AntillesCook IslandsNew ZealandSwitzerlandWake IslandFaroe IslandsHeard Island and also McDonald IslandsBouvet IslandCayman IslandsMidway IslandsNorfolk IslandPacific Islands trust TerritorySolomon IslandsJohnston IslandMarshall IslandsPitcairn IslandsChristmas IslandU.S. Virgin IslandsBritish Virgin IslandsCocos IslandsNorthern Mariana IslandsTurks and Caicos IslandsCanton and also Enderbury IslandsSouth Georgia and also the south Sandwich Islands

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