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quick lookinformation at a glance
approximate cup to one pound50 pieces
active compoundsVolatile oil, sugar and tannin
plant part usedbark
processing6" sticks

b.buying & keepinggeneral guidelines and also tips
storage tipsStore in a cool, dark location in a container with a tight-fitting lid.
appearance & aromaWoody with a mildly spicy scent.

c.usestry other new
decorativeAdd to potpourri displays and also use in floral crafts.
culinaryAdd come mulled alcohol or infuse in alcoholic spirits. Usage as a stirrer because that coffee, tea or warm chocolate.
householdPlace a few of these little sticks at the basic of garden tree to help deter pests.
aromaticToss right into simmering potpourri.
industrialCinnamon is a food additive and also is supplied in the cosmetic and perfume industries.


Combine through star anise in mulled wine and also infused spirits.

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Partner with whole cloves in potpourri blends.

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Chamomile (Egyptian), whole
Star anise, whole
Elderberry, whole, wild crafted
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