For 2017, Harley-Davidson is launchingthe nine generation the its venerable large Twin, dubbed the Milwaukee-Eight. It is named in respect of the birthplace and its number of valves—twice as countless as uncovered on the Twin camer motor that’s been in the lineup because 1999. Harley-Davidson says the brand-new engine platform provides quicker throttle response, more torque, much better sound, improved fuel economy and a smoother ride.

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Other transforms for 2017 include all-new front and rear suspension for Touring models, obtainable ABS and also Smart Security mechanism for the Street 500/750 models, update CVO models (Limited, Street Glide and Pro Street Breakout) and also a full an option of street-legal Screamin’ Eagle Performance materials for the Milwaukee-Eight, including Stage I, II and III kits that supply up to 24 percent much more torque.


Cutaway that the Milwaukee-Eight 107, which Harley-Davidson claims offers quicker throttle response, much more torque, much better sound, enhanced fuel economy and also a smoother ride 보다 the Twin cam 103.

The Milwaukee-Eight, which maintain the standard 45-degree V-twin architecture, will power every 2017 Touring and also Trike models, in 2 displacements and three variations:

Milwaukee-Eight 107 (107 cubic inches, 1,750cc) v precision oil-cooled cylinder heads because that the Street Glide, Street Glide Special, road Glide, roadway Glide Special, electric Glide Ultra Classic, road King and also Freewheeler modelsTwin-Cooled Milwaukee-Eight 107 with liquid-cooled cylinder heads because that the Ultra Limited, Ultra restricted Low, roadway Glide Ultra and also Tri Glide Ultra modelsTwin-Cooled Milwaukee-Eight 114 (114 cubic inches, 1,870cc) through liquid-cooled cylinder heads for the CVO restricted and CVO Street Glide models

Compared to the Twin video camer 103 and also 110, the Milwaukee-Eight’s raised displacement, greater compression ratio and also four-valve cylinder heads, which provide 50 percent much more intake and exhaust circulation capacity, result in 10 percent much more torque across the board. Bikes equipped v the new engine are declared to advice much much faster off the line (8-11 percent much faster at 0-60 mph) and also in top equipment roll-ons (11-12 percent faster at 60-80 mph).

Better waiting flow and also combustion, including the usage of twin spark plugs because that each cylinder, are claimed to improve fuel economy. Precision oil or fluid cooling that the cylinder heads as well as repositioning the rear exhaust pipe and relocating the catalytic converter improves warmth management, giving a more enjoyable riding endure for the rider and also passenger.

As through the Twin video camer engine, the Milwaukee-Eight’s rocker arm-actuated valves never require adjustment as they are a hydraulic camer tensioner. However instead the the twin Cam’s twin camshafts there’s a single, chain-driven camshaft that’s lighter, quieter, less facility and reduce friction. The rubber-mounted Milwaukee-Eight provides an inner counterbalancer to cancel 75 percent of major vibration in ~ idle, because that a less eyeball-shaking experience at stops.


For 2017, the Milwaukee-Eight 107 (107 cubic inches, 1,750cc) with precision oil cooling will power the the Street Glide, Street Glide special (shown above), roadway Glide, roadway Glide Special, electrical Glide Ultra Classic, roadway King and also Freewheeler models.

Harley claims the brand-new engine’s reduced mechanical noise permits the exhaust note to take on richer tone. Various other improvements incorporate a 50 percent boost in charging output for powering accessories, slimmer primary and also air cleaner consist of for much more legroom, and—always vital on Motor firm machines—enhanced curb appeal. And all bikes with the Milwaukee-Eight are equipped with a low-effort Assist and Slip Clutch.

Below room the specifications for the brand-new engines:


Milwaukee-Eight™ 107

Bore 3.937 in.

Stroke 4.375 in.

Displacement 107 cu in

Compression proportion 10.0:1

Fuel System electronic Sequential port Fuel Injection (ESPFI)


Engine speak Testing technique J1349

Engine Torque111.4 ft-lb

Engine talk (rpm) 3,250

Lean Angle, right (deg.) 32

Lean Angle, Left (deg.) 31

Fuel Economy: an unified City/Hwy45 mpg


EngineTwin-Cooled™ Milwaukee-Eight™ 114

Bore 4 in.

Stroke 4.5 in.

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Displacement 114 cu in

Compression proportion 10.5:1

Fuel SystemElectronic Sequential harbor Fuel Injection (ESPFI


Engine torque Testing technique J1349

Engine Torque124 ft-lb

Engine speak (rpm) 3,250

Lean Angle, ideal (deg.) 34.3

Lean Angle, Left (deg.) 33.4

Fuel Economy: combined City/Hwy 43 mpg

Their above look, distinctive sound and also massive torque make them instantly recognizable, however the Milwaukee-Eight® 107 and also Milwaukee-Eight® 114 engines take it the Harley-Davidson® V-Twin to a location it’s never been. They’re the many powerful, coolest-running motors we’ve ever before built. Smoother, more powerful and much more durable. With crisper throttle solution and truer, cleaner sound. 4 valves per cylinder, single chain-driven cam, double spark plugs, counter-balanced and rubber mounted. Developed and proven over plenty of miles and millions that hours. Every single part is new, engineered to offer you more performance and much more of the feeling you want from one engine. Today, it’s a whole brand-new ride.

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