Detailed and also up-to-date nutrition facts and calorie info for Snickers Minis, also known together fun size or miniature Snickers.

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Snickers Minis coco candy bars are great because they give you an ext control over the quantity of calories you deserve to eat in a single serving.

Other size usually call for you come eat the whole bar in one sitting due to the fact that ants and also bugs may obtain into them. Castle can additionally go bad, or someone have the right to accidentally litter the parcel away.

But with Snickers minis that’s not the case. You can eat simply one miniature bar or two to satiate your chocolate candy cravings. And then you deserve to go earlier to enjoying her normal, candy-free life.

I created this site since I’m addicted to candy. I need to eat some type or kind of liquid every day, otherwise I can literally go crazy. However despite loving liquid so much, I also follow a macro diet. For this reason I’m always counting calories, grams of total fat, protein, and carbs.

That’s why Snickers Minis room the perfect treat because that a candy and also fitness junkie prefer me. They allow me come enjoy one of my favorite coco candy bars without going overboard.

The bite-size Snickers bar or Snickers Minis, together they’re yes, really called, is the smallest providing in the Mars household of coco bars.

Like the original Snickers candy bar, this bite-size alternative is made through nougat, creamy caramel, and roasted peanut extended with very delicious milk chocolate.

However, the initial Snickers weighs 2.07 oz, when the bite-size act weighs 0.9 oz i beg your pardon is awesome.

How plenty of Calories in Snickers Minis

One single Snickers Mini consists of 42 calories. However unfortunately bite-size Snickers bars are not offered individually. If you desire to enjoy simply one or two bite-size Snickers bars, you should purchase the entire bag.

The serving dimension of Snickers Minis is 3 piece or around 27 grams. The amount of calories per serving is 130, but there’s likewise a 4 bars serving, which clocks in at 168 calories.

One serving of bite-size Snickers has 6 grams the fat. Two of those 6 grams room from saturation fat, and also 0 space from infectious diseases world fashion fat. But if friend eat only 1 Snickers Mini, the total fat content will certainly be simply 2.2 grams, i beg your pardon is totally acceptable.

How plenty of Calories in One Snickers Mini Bar

Nutritional malfunction for one bite-size Snickers liquid bar.

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Calories: 44Calories from Fat: 19Fat: 2.2 gramsSaturated Fat: 0.8 gramsTrans Fat: 0 gramsCholesterol: 1.2 milligramsSodium: 22 milligramsCarbohydrates: 5.5 gramsFiber: 0.2 gramsSugars: 4.5 gramsProtein: 0.7 grams

Nutrition Facts for One Serving


You can likewise see the calorie in Snickers Minis and other nutrition facts on the nutrition brand at the top.

And, in case you’re visually impaired, examine out the Snickers Minis nutrition label below: