I think that, considering that a mole contains an Avogadro"s number of elements, there should be 6.2× an Avogadro"s Number of atoms of Al. 6.2×6.022×1023=3.733×1024 atoms

Independent atoms have high potential energy,and they are highly unstable.

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And when they form bonds their potential energy decreases and they become stable.

Hence bonded atoms are stable and have relatively low potential energy than independent atoms.

2-methyl-2-hexanol was prepared by reacting an alkene with either hydroboration-oxidation or oxymercuration-reduction. Draw the


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In this question, we have to synthesize a molecule in which the "OH" group is placed in the most substituted carbon. Therefore we have to use a markovnikov reaction to the synthesis. The hydroboration is anti-markovnikov and the oxymercuration-reduction is markovnikov, therefore the oxymercuration-reduction is our best choice.

Now, the double bond can be placed in different places. Because the "OH" would be added in the tertiary carbon of the double bond. So, we can use 2-methylhex-1-ene or 2-methylhex-2-ene.

See figure 1.

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The diagram below shows two models of the atom.

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Demonstrate the evolution in the structure of the atom
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What questions and/or thoughts prompted Rutherford’s famous alpha particle scattering experiment?
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Before Rutherford, JJ Thompson came up with the "plum pudding" model, in which the atom is composed of electrons surrounded by positive charge to balance the electrons’ negative charges. Rutherford"s experiment disproved this model, by showing there"s a small, high-energy nucleus in the center of an atom.
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