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Benjamin Franklin is one of the starring characters of The constitutional Walking tourism of Philadelphia. Franklin to be a absent star, and also his name is to this day identified with so numerous landmarks in and around Philly, consisting of the Ben Franklin Bridge.

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The Ben Franklin leg Pedestrian Walkway supplies a 1.5 mile off-road course with picturesque and also breathtaking views because that walkers, runners and also cyclists to travel in between Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and Camden, new Jersey. The walkway offers amazing views and also photo methods of Philadelphia and the Camden waterfront.


The Pedestrian Walkway is totally free and gives an remarkable jogging path in a distinctive environment.

The History

The Ben Franklin leg was originally named the Delaware river Bridge, and also it is a suspension bridge across the Delaware River that connects Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, and Camden, brand-new Jersey.

Construction ~ above Ben Franklin Bridge began on January 6, 1922, and following an initial $45.2 million investment, the bridge opened up to web traffic on July 1, 1926. Through 61,700 loads of steel, the bridge is 7,456’ in length and 128’ in width, offering seven lanes that traffic.

On July 1, 1926, it is estimated that 250,000 people cross the Delaware river Bridge.


The cool opening that the Delaware River bridge was presided over by Pennsylvania branch Gifford Pinchot and brand-new Jersey branch A. Harry Moore. Top top July 2, 1926, U.S. Chairman Calvin Coolidge come to dedicate the Delaware flow Bridge.

In 2017 alone, 37.1 million vehicles crossed the bridge.


In addition to the Ben Franklin bridge being one of the signature landmarks defining Philadelphia, the leg is very cool since it provides three settings of transportation: 1) car lanes, 2) PATCO High Speedline, and 3) pedestrian walkway. It is amazing how the pedestrian course was built high above, yet right between the 7 lanes that traffic and also the PATCO High Speedline train monitor on the leaf of the bridge. It is an design marvel...


The Ben Franklin bridge is renowned to Philadelphians, and people anywhere the world since it has been featured in the opened credits the the cable TV series “It"s constantly Sunny in Philadelphia”, and in miscellaneous motion photos including: punch Out, Fallen, national Treasure, Philadelphia, Rocky, The Italian Job, Transformers 2, and also Twelve Monkeys.


Access come the Pedestrian Walkway

From the Philadelphia Side

South Entrance - access to the walkway is located at 5th & race Streets, across the street from the U.S. Mint.North Entrance - access to the walkway is located south of fifth and Vine Streets, under a little road referred to as Marginal Rd.

(Note: top top the Philadelphia side of the Bridge, there is an underground tunnel the connects both Philadelphia entrances, so that you can access the North and South pedestrian walkways from one of two people entrance.)

From the Camden, brand-new Jersey Side

South Entrance - The walkway is situated along Pearl Street, across from 5th Street. Go into 400 Pearl Street right into your GPS.North Entrance - The entrance to the walkway is discovered on North 5th Street, south of Elm Street. Get in 501 North 5th Street into your GPS.

(Note: on the Camden side there is additionally a pedestrian tunnel under the bridge, however it is a few hundred feet far from the entrances. The is most easily accessed indigenous the South, go into 468 Pearl Street into your GPS.) 


Hours the Operation

October 1 - April 30: 6AM-8PMMay 1 - September 30: 6AM-9PM

Travel Advisories

North Pedestrian Walkway: open up DailySouth Pedestrian Walkway: closed (Under building and construction for Upgrades, Tentatively set to Re-open in feather 2019)

The building and construction project top top the south Pedestrian Parkway will certainly improve ease of access to the south walkway that the bridge in new Jersey by replacing the existing stairway with a ramp. Consequently it will certainly be less complicated for bicyclists and those on foot or with strollers.

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Insider Information

Use caution and also be alert for others consisting of maintenance crews in ~ work, cyclists and also runnersLeashed pets room welcome, however please clean up after her petA portable restroom is available at the south entrance in Philadelphia


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Additional Information

The Ben Franklin leg Pedestrian Walkway is operated by the Delaware River port Authority which likewise operates the Ben Franklin Bridge and also PATCO.