It is usually discovered in bags and can be a little confusing how long it will certainly last as soon as you open up it.

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In this blog post, we will go over how to store your shredded cheese and also how lengthy it will certainly last, so friend don’t need to worry about throwing away any food.

What is Shredded Cheese?


Shredded cheese is a semi-soft, finely cut, or grated cheese supplied in countless dishes.

It come in blocks, and most brands encompass American cheddar jack, pepper jack, gruyere, and also Mexican varieties.

The cheese is shredded by rotate the block in cook drums, which reasons it to rest apart into thin strips or flakes.

The pasta dish macaroni and also cheese has become well recognized for using this type of cheese – but any kind of recipe that requirements melting can speak to for shredded cheese instead.

This semi-soft coated with a wax layer will melt without separating once melted and included as an ingredient come recipes, uneven grated hard cheeses prefer Parmesan through rougher edges.

Shredded cheese tapers at both ends while grated difficult cheeses are more uniform throughout their surface area.

Shredding makes shreds diluent than exactly how they would certainly be if reduced by hands, such as on optimal of a pizza or salad.

This form of cheese is offered in macaroni and also cheese, quesadillas, tacos, lasagna, soups, and also salads – all recipes need melting yet don’t call for the flavor file of grated cheese like Parmesan.

How to save Shredded Cheese?


Whether girlfriend love the or dislike it, the age-old question of save shredded cheese has actually been a never-ending controversy for numerous people.

Some swear that if castle let your cheese sit out on the respond to for as well long before refrigerating, then bacteria will begin to grow and also spoil her food quicker than ever.

To effectively store shredded cheese, you have the right to either keep it in the original wrapper or container designed to organize it.

If you have actually an airtight container the will save out any type of external factors, this is a an excellent option to store your cheese in together well.

In the end, it’s approximately you and also what works best for your family.

If you’re storing shredded cheese in a container or wrapper, make sure to place it on the bottom of her fridge.

The cold wait will aid keep it fresh and hold that flavor.

Also, shot not to store much more than one container since they deserve to release your moisture into other containers.

If you choose to store them together, separate any type of perishable items native non-perishable items through an airtight barrier.

The much longer the cheese is left out before refrigerating the after opening, the quicker bacteria will grow and also spoil foodstuffs faster.

Make certain to eat all of these cheeses as soon as possible.

How lengthy Does Shredded Cheese Last?


Shredded cheese is a staple in numerous dishes, and also the question of exactly how long it will last varies relying on what form you buy.

Grated or pre-shredded cheeses commonly have one expiration date stamped ideal onto them, however if castle don’t, over there are ways to calculation their shelf life based upon taste and texture alone.

If they’re open yet unrefrigerated, then they will be an excellent for about four hours prior to the texture alters significantly sufficient that once you taste it, there’s a noticeable difference from exactly how it was originally packaged.

If the package remains unopened, it will last for one to 2 months, however if you acquisition a large block of cheese and also shred yourself, climate the shelf life is only about six days.

The shelf life that shredded cheese varies significantly depending on even if it is or no it is frozen.

If you store your freezer stocked v shredded cheese, this type can stay fresh for between six come eight months without far-ranging flavor distinctions occurring.

Freezing an opened package generally won’t prolong its expectation by much since freezing doesn’t halt the natural aging process.

Lastly, if you’re eat shredded cheese the has been in the pantry for a while, it will have a distinct sour taste and crumbly structure – this kind of shredded cheese is no much longer safe to eat unless you arrangement on cooking with the as component of her dish or sauce.

How to Tell if Shredded Cheese is Bad?


Shredded cheese is a wonderful way to include flavor and also texture to dishes, however it can be tricky.

Is the shredded cheese bad? how do you know if it’s bad?

The best method to call is by smelling the package.

If over there is a tart or “off” odor, then that way your cheese has spoiled and also will likely make anyone sick when they eat it.

But before you panic as well much, there room some other things to consider first:

Is the shredded cheese claimed to it is in soft? Soft cheese such as cream cheese and also Monterey Jack have shorter shelf resides than more tough cheeses prefer Parmesan and cheddar.

As long as your texture isn’t slimy or gooey, the possibilities are great that these softer varieties of shredded cheese still contain lot of of unspoiled flavor (and nutrients).

In contrast, tough cheeses such together cheddar and Parmesan are ideal stored in the fridge to extend their shelf life.

Cheese that has emerged a dark or fuzzy discoloration should be tossed out immediately and is no longer safe come eat.

If it’s not already soft top top its own, climate the opportunities are that shredded cheese through these indications will taste turn off (or even sour) too.

In contrast, if there space only little mold spots here and also there—but otherwise look perfectly fine—you have the right to likely rescue them by scraping off the surface layer prior to use.


Shredded cheese can last in the fridge for approximately 4 weeks.

If you desire to keep shredded cheese longer, it’s finest to frozen it and also then thaw as needed.

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You should likewise avoid storing shredding cheeses near strong-smelling foods such as fish or garlic, which will make them go negative faster.