how long can a slowcooker stew made v beef, stock, tomatoes and potatoes last in the fridge? Is it safe to reheat?



I commonly toss all leftovers (no matter what the is) ~ 4 or 5 days, due to the fact that if i haven't consumed it by then I never will.

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Like the others space saying, simply freeze the if you think girlfriend can't eat it every within a few days. I recently made a batch that lentil soup, froze 3 containers & left a pair portions in the fridge for rapid heat-up lunches.

Definitely move it to sealable containers, though. It'll probably get funky much faster if you save it in the crock.

People here are silly. It's around how lengthy food usually takes to go poor in her fridge. I've consumed chili/stew/pulled pork weeks after ns made it, and i never froze it. If you put it away appropriate stuff can last a long while.


>14 job is pushing it. Many things are an excellent for a week. If you're going for much longer than that, keep that portion separately indigenous the component to be eaten the first week. A single container that you're opening and scooping the end of every work or two gets pistol by the second week.

There's yes, really no factor it can't it is in frozen for a week either if you're worried.

I clean my fridge out every week. In all my life, I have actually never had anything go poor in much less than a week other than fish. 2 job is beyond ridiculous.

I gained a foodsaver vacuum sealer recently and what I'll do is put stew into a tupperware, freeze it end night, climate vac seal that hunk the soup. Ns assume it'll stay great like the a really long time. Months, maybe longer at least.

Honestly i would save it for at least a week. Possibly a week and a half to two. If that isn't growing mold I'll still eat it. Execute not put the crock in the refrigerator though. That thing is design to hold in heat, therefore it will certainly not cool fast enough in the fridge and also it will warm up every little thing else in there.

It'll store 2, 3 perhaps 4 days. Don't reheat in the slow-moving cooker despite - use a microwave or in a pot/pan on the stovetop instead, for health safety reasons.

What food safety comes to are you talking about? I always assumed the warning against reheating in the crockpot was because of it gift too much stress on the heating element.

I think you'll more than likely push it in ~ 5 days. I commonly freeze fifty percent of what ns make anyway, I have a 6 quart and also it's just 2 people in mine household.

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Just reheat on the stove or in the microwave.

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